David J. Andrews Human Values in Indian Local Government and the Contemporary Global Context (RM 1)
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Bengt Gustavson Transition or Transcendence? A Study of Indian Managerial Values (RM 4)
Elizabeth Nair Work Ethics : A Cross-Cultural Study of India and Singapore (RM 5)
S. R. Chatterjee Work Related Value Orientations of Indian Managers : An Empirical Investigation (RM 6)
Darryl Reed Three Historical Models of Corporate Governance : An Examination of Corporate Economic Responsibilities (RM 7)
K. M. Srinivas Pilgrimage to Indian Ethos Management : A Look at Indegenous Approaches to Organizational Development (RM 8)
Ross McDonald The Potential Contribution of Indian Spiritual Psychology to the Sustainability of Humankind and Environment (RM 9)