Visiting Fellows

Supported by The Sir Ratan Tata Trust, the following scholars have already visited MCHV on specific research assignments, which have culminated in the publication of separate Research Monographs by MCHV:

  • Prof. David Andrews - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; Melbourne, Australia.
  • Prof. G.P. Rao - Madurai Kamaraj University; Madurai, India.
  • Prof. A.N. Tripathi - Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University; Varanasi, India.
  • Prof. B. Gustavsson - Stockholm Business School; Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Prof. S.R. Chatterjee - Curtin University; Perth, Australia.
  • Prof. Elizabeth Nair - Singapore National University; Singapore.
  • Prof. Darryl Reed - University of York; Ontario, Canada.
  • Prof. Kalburgi Srinivas - Regina University; Ontario, Canada.
  • Dr. Ross McDonald - Auckland University; Auckland, New Zealand.