A. Can students who are already in their 1st year of PGP join CEMS program

Ans. Yes. Only PGP1 students can apply for the CEMS program. However, the admission is subject to meeting the eligibility criteria and going through the selection process.

B. When will an IIMC student do the international internship of minimum 8 weeks?

Ans. IIMC students can undertake a minimum 8 weeks international internship during the normal Summer Internship at the end of First Year .If a student is unable to obtain an International placement during the summer internship, but is chosen for the CEMS MIM program, s/he will be allowed to complete this requirement after the sixth term. The first eight weeks of an international job can be considered as fulfillment of this requirement. Please note that the CEMS MIM degree will be awarded to students who have completed the full MIM term and a minimum 8 weeks international internship.

C. Can I choose any one of the university from the list of 33 schools?

Ans. Yes, however the term at the visiting university has to match with the start of IIMC term V and has to end before the start of IIMC term VI and the allotment of chosen institution will depend on ranking of the student during the admission process.

D. Will the host institution provide accommodation?

Ans. This depends on the facilities provided by individual host institutions. Help from the visiting university can be taken to find accommodation. Cost of accommodation is payable by students.