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Indian Army and Navy personnel, who are deployed in extreme conditions, will soon be able to use a waterless bathing technology developed by an Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta alumnus, Puneet Gupta.

Gupta and a team of 20 IIT-Delhi students have made a body wash and shampoo which does not need water as a rinsing agent. A spray of 20 ml would be enough to clean a full-grown human body. The technology has been accepted by the Army Design Bureau (ADB) and will be soon used for Indian soldiers deployed in Indo-China border and Siachin. The technology was first used by a group of navy men and based on their feedback, the product got approved. The Indian Navy has also agreed to use it.

As a kid, 33-year-old Gupta wanted to join the Indian Army, however, he is fulfilling his dream to serve the country by introducing technology that can help soldiers. “I cracked the SSB exam but could not join the service. Since then, I wanted to contribute the country in whichever way possible,” Gupta said.

He was earlier working with an indigenous firm in the core managerial team but he left the job which earned him around Rs 1 crore to build the technology. “This only seems to be a small issue, often when soldiers return home after serving in extreme climates they have to battle infections, fungal etc,” he said.