IIM Calcutta campus, Kolkata, December 28, 2013: Since its inception, IIM Calcutta has been the torch bearer of innovation and leadership in the corporate, public and social spheres. To relive the spirit of passion that IIM Calcutta has instilled in graduating students for several decades, IIM Calcutta held the first session of IGNITE, a unique talk session, wherein distinguished alumni of the institute shared their insights and ideas. IGNITE is not only the flagship event of Reminiscence, the annual alumni celebrations of IIM Calcutta, but also a unique platform for corporate leaders to engage with business school students on ideas that intrigue the best minds of the world today.

The motto of IGNITE is to provide a platform for fast-paced, exciting and thought-provoking sessions, that ignite our imagination on the wide realm of possibilities that can be explored with respect to corporate and public domains. This year, 9 alumni, members of the visiting 23rd batch of IIM Calcutta, were invited to participate in IGNITE. With the event moderated by none other than the brilliant Mr. Gopi Kalyan, chief evangelist at Google and renowned TED talk speaker, the stage was set for a rapid showdown of enthralling ideas. Mr. Hasnain Yusuf, an experienced investment banker set the ball rolling, by talking about the possibilities of growth for corporate houses in the African market. By displaying impressive growth facts, Mr Hasnain exhibited how we are yet to tap the virtually unexploited consumer market in Africa. Mr Hasnain’s talk was followed by an eye-opening session by Ms. Aparna Mittal, who talked about the immense potential of her start-up focused on providing quality information to patients, which enable them to make better decisions pertaining to key health matters. Continuing on the scope of innovation, Mr. Amar, an academician highlighted how innovation can be promoted in the financial services industry.

IGNITE provided an opportunity for students of IIM Calcutta to also enlighten their minds with respect to issues pertaining to two key people in every persons’ life – women and children. Mr. Chandradip Mitra, President of his batch during his time, spoke at great lengths of the need to understand what women desire and how to help achieve that, especially in the business and social contexts. Mr. Jaideep, a home-schooling expert, on the other hand, spoke about the need for home-schooling children and plugging the gaps in our education system.

Finally, IGNITE also enabled speakers such as Mr. Shovon Chowdhury and Mr. Arvind Shankaran to speak passionately about the alternate career paths taken by them, despite their business school background. While Mr. Shovon became an entertaining author, Mr. Arvind founded a band that raised over $35,000 for social causes through concerts.

Reminiscence is part of the age old traditions at IIM Calcutta, an institute whose students and alumni have been very proud of the culture that prevails there. IGNITE was the perfect occasion for business school students, brimming with ideas of the future, to believe in their passion and strive towards attaining it, just like their predecessors in the 23rd batch.

1988 Alumni

Issued by Aloke Guin, PRO, M: 09903857497