IIMC Webinar on "Stakeholder Capitalism: Business in the 21st Century" on December 12 at 5 pm IST

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We cordially invite you for a webinar on "Stakeholder Capitalism: Business in the 21st Century" organised by MCHV - Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, on December 12, 2022 at 5 pm IST.

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Speaker - R. Edward Freeman

About the Speaker

Robert Edward Freeman is an American philosopher and professor of business administration at the Darden School of the University of Virginia, particularly known for his work on stakeholder theory and on business ethics. Freeman has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Washington University and a B.A. in mathematics and philosophy from Duke University. He was recently awarded six honorary doctorates.

He has also received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the World Resources Institute and Aspen Institute, the Humboldt University Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, the Academy of Management and the Society for Business Ethics.

Freeman is best known for his award winning book: Strategic Management: A Stakeholder Approach. He also served as an editor of over 100 volumes and 200 articles in the areas of stakeholder management, business strategy and business ethics namely- Ruffin Series in Business Ethics published by Oxford, Cambridge Series Business, Society and Value Creation and Journal of Business Ethics.

Epitome of the talk

Stakeholder Capitalism is the way we need to understand and describe business has changed dramatically. A new narrative, called by many names, is emerging. We label this new narrative, "Stakeholder Capitalism" and suggest that the best interpretation involves rethinking our business models along five different tensions. We end with suggestions for both managers and researchers.

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