Joka On-Board (SIG)

For all those who prefer to stay in and ditch the party scene, then say hello to Joka On-Board - Board Games Club of IIM Calcutta. The club was formed just last year and is managed by folks who are MBA geeks by day and avid board games lovers by night.
The club thoroughly enjoys Euro classics like Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Carcassonne, but there is always room for intense strategy games like Brass, Through The Ages, and Puerto Rico.
And let's not forget area control/war games like Power Grid, Risk, and Blood Rage, to name a few. Let's also include party games that we can play together while live - Codenames, Secret Hitler, and Mafia!
This list isn't complete, but you get the idea - we're into real games, not Grandpa's old pack of Uno cards.
If this appears geeky or nerdy or you, think again. Joka On-Board is all about fostering a community who love and are thrilled about the idea of playing (and winning) board games.

Core Members:

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