Kirit Modi started Horizon Packs Group (HPG) in 1991 with a vision to establish a modern pan-India manufacturing company for packaging products which could serve customers by delivering international quality products, when packaging industry in India was highly fragmented and ‘localized’ in small scale operations.

Responding to increasing demand, HPG commissioned manufacturing plants at various locations and today has become the largest manufacturer in India with twelve plants spread over the country.

HPG is the market leader with a market share of about 10% in the packaging industry and has increased its turnover ten-folds in the past ten years. The company also generates direct employment for over 1100 people.

Kirit is amongst the pioneers to have instituted the concept of corrugated boxes and pan-India distribution of Kraft paper back in 1979 and then set up HPG in 1991. Over the last twenty years HPG has revolutionized the packaging industry in India with excellent quality of products and services. HPG’s installation and usage of sophisticated electro-mechanical and automated production machinery, material handling and quality assurance, up-scaled production and planned on-line quality systems and controls have uplifted the quality of packaging to international standards, helping India’s exports significantly.

Recognition for HPG’s unflinching march towards excellence has already come from its most important stake holders, namely multinational customers like Samsung, Gillette, Hindustan Unilever, Whirlpool etc. in the form of repeated recognitions and awards.

Kirit Modi receiving his award