Executive Programme in Operations Management (EPOM)

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Executive Programme in Operations Management (EPOM)

Operations Management deals with management of resources in the production of goods and services. As a business strategy, operations management has been a key element in the improvement of productivity and quality, reducing costs and delivery times, and enhancing the value creation by firms. The competitiveness of the manufacturing and services has significantly contributed to the global economic growth.

In this course, we first review the processes and systems that affect the operations of firms. This is achieved through detailed analysis and description of different types of processes in production and service operations. Then, we discuss in detail the operational planning and control systems that enhance the competitiveness of firms. The objective of this course is to develop an understanding of the role of production and operations management in firms’ success.

The course equips managers and practitioners with the concept and practices of Operations Management in services and manufacturing sectors which will help develop an understanding of efficient and effective management of processes, resources and competencies. The programme has been designed to suit the requirements of managers involved in functional areas related to manufacturing, supply chain roles including design, procurement, production, logistics, sales and distribution, service delivery.

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