Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics (SMPBA)

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Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics (SMPBA)

The myths, promises, and realities surrounding business analytics need to be confronted and addressed by the senior management teams of organisations in today’s volatile business landscape. As the conventional differentiators of competitive advantage start vanishing fast, use of data driven intelligence has started emerging as the game changer. Understanding the emerging nature of competition, planning a roadmap for enhancing competitive capability, and visualizing the future of analytics-oriented competition have become a necessity for senior management in organizations.

Data-smart firms are developing new models of decision-making that exploit overwhelming amounts of data to make smart products and services for consumers. The potential to create value by data aggregation and analysis is huge, and firms leveraging analytics are at a vantage point in their competitive landscape. Newer sets of capabilities are required to bring the value of the data gathered from all the frontline processes.

The Senior Management Programme in Business Analytics (SMPBA) is an intensive, 9-month, multi-modular, programme. This programme is targeted towards senior managers who appreciate how analytics could unleash value for the firm and its consumers.

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