Programme Overview

The programme has been specifically designed for mid and senior executives with significant experience in working in and leading project teams.

Programme Objective

The IIMC Advanced Programme in Strategic Project Management has been specifically designed for mid and senior executives with significant experience working in and leading project teams.
The program aims to:

  1. provide strategic perspectives to select, finance, and manage the organization's project portfolio;
  2. equip the participants with tools and techniques available for effective project planning, execution, and closure; and
  3. facilitate the development of capabilities to effectively handle the behavioural challenges faced by project managers in managing teams and different stakeholders.

Programme Directors
Professor Megha Sharma

Professor Megha Sharma

Operations Management

Professor Sudhakara Reddy

Professor Sudhakara Reddy

Finance and Control

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for mid and senior managers and above, with at least 9 years of experience in project/program management and related fields. Participants are expected to know the basics of project management in some capacity.

The program will be most beneficial for:

Candidates with experience in project management in a specific domain, such as construction technology, finance, etc., are now looking to switch domains or move up the ladder into a general management position.

Mid and senior managers in departments such as quality, collections, planning, etc., looking to diversify their skills or

  • executives aspiring to gain an understanding of new ways of doing business.
  • Project managers/associates are looking to switch domains within Project Management.

The program is designed to benefit both participants with and without PMI certifications.

Programme Duration and Delivery

The duration of the program is around nine months. The session will be delivered through online platform once a week (Sunday- 12.15 PM to 3.15 PM).

Campus–The in-campus component, is covered in two visits of total 7 days (4 days towards the beginning of the programme and 3 days towards the end of the programme).
The in-class experience of face-to-face interaction with the faculty provides an opportunity for immersion in the Institute’s academic environment. The campus visit is mandatory for all participants.

The programme is offered through a blend of diverse pedagogical tools including case discussions, hands-on exercises, simulations, role-plays and lectures. The sessions are delivered through a mix of online and face-to-face sessions. A project component is involved as well.

Programme Content


Project Management: Macro Perspectives

  1. Project Portfolio Management
    1. Organization Strategy and Project Selection
    2. Project Value, Portfolio Balance and Strategic Alignment
    3. Enterprise Risk Management
  2. Project Financing
    1. Estimating Project Cash Flows
    2. Project Cost of Capital
    3. Valuation of Real Options

Project Management: Tactical and Operational Issues

  1. Project Definition, Planning and Scheduling
    1. Overview of Project Management
    2. Project Management as a Vehicle for Organization Strategy
    3. Defining the Project
    4. Developing Project Plans
    5. Project Supply Chain Management
    6. Project Scheduling
    7. Scheduling Resources and Costs under Constraints
    8. Reducing Project Duration
  2. Project Risk Management
    1. Decision-Making under Uncertainty and Risk
    2. Risk Identification, Assessment and Response Development
    3. Risk Response Control
  3. Project Monitoring and Problem Solving: Tools and Techniques
    1. Project Control
    2. Modeling Systems for Decision Making
    3. Performance Measurement and Evaluation
  4. Project Closure
    1. Project Closure
    2. Team Members, Project Manager’s Evaluation
    3. Closing the Loop: Structuring Improvement Activities
  5. Special Topic in Project Management
    1. Critical Chain Project Management
    2. Introduction to Agile Project Management
    3. Contract Management in Projects: Legal Issues and Clauses

Project Management: Behavioral Aspects

  1. Project Leadership and Managing Project Teams
    1. Managing versus Leading a project
    2. Building High Performance Project teams
    3. Managing Virtual Teams
  2. Communication Techniques for Effective Project Management
    1. Developing Communication Plan
    2. Communication during Project Crisis

Capstone Project

  • Graduate with a minimum of 9 years of work experience and a minimum of 50% in Graduation/Post Graduation as on the Programme Start date, i.e., Technical Orientation date.
  • IIMC will do screening & selection

Programme Sample Certificate

Alumni Status
  • LDP participants who complete the programme successfully become the Alumni of IIMC Executive Education, which currently has over 30,000 members.
  • LDP Alumni are given an email-id in the IIM Calcutta domain.
  • LDP Alumni can register in the IIM Calcutta Alumni portal either with this email-id or with their personal email-ids. The IIM Calcutta Alumni portal is a common platform for Alumni of all programmes of the Institute to interact with each other and stay connected with the Institute.
  • The Institute shares newsletters, important news and articles about the Institute and its activities, the achievements of the Institute's faculty, staff, students and alumni, upcoming events and programmes etc., on the portal.
  • Alumni can post their achievements, write about jobs or LIVE project opportunities for other alumni to see.
  • The IIM Calcutta alumni network can also be accessed on mobile phones through the mobile app.
  • Executive Education Alumni are entitled to a discount of 5% on the programme fee if they opt to do another LDP.
  • By using the different features of the IIM Calcutta portal, alumni across programmes can engage with each other in many meaningful ways. It is up to the alumni themselves to leverage the platform

How to Apply

Email ID - enquiry.india[at]Emeritus[dot]org
Contact us - WhatsApp number- +91 74120 81081
Inbound/IVR number - +918277998590