Programme Overview

This programme is designed to equip participants with the skills and expertise to be an effective CFO in the 21st-century workplace. As we see the CFO's evolving role as a strategic partner, this programme will help participants evaluate businesses' strategies to make better strategic financial decisions. It will help gain knowledge about a business's value drivers and leveraging them to maximize business value and financial performance. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of managing capital markets, financial performance and regulations, stakeholder management, etc. It provides the tools and frameworks to build strategic alliances with critical stakeholders, and enhance their leadership skills to lead an organization through globalization and growth.

The programme is divided into two broad modules - CFO essentials and the Future CFO. The first module provides critical insights on contemporary developments in the financial ecosystem, and lays foundation on the linkage between corporate strategy and firm value creation. The first module also emphasises the need and importance of data-driven decision making and how that improves overall corporate governance and investors' confidence. The second module discusses themes that are important for any CFO to become a strategic thinker. The second module highlights how greater external uncertainty and digital disruptions have changed the business landscape and thus the role that a future CFO should play.

Programme Objective

The primary objective of the CFO programme is to transform a financial leader to be a strategic partner in major business decisions and envisioning exercise for the organisation. The programme provides a framework to build strategic alliances with critical stakeholders, and enhance their leadership skills to lead an organisation through globalisation and growth.

Programme Directors
Professor Arpita Ghosh

Professor Arpita Ghosh

Finance and Control

Professor Sudhir S. Jaiswall

Professor Sudhir S. Jaiswall

Finance and Control

Who Should Attend
  1. Graduates (10+2+3) / post graduates in any discipline with minimum 10 years of work experience (full-time paid employment) post completion of Graduation as on Application Closure Date with at least 50% marks.
  2. New and evolving CFO's who work with leadership teams to provide direction on how new and existing financial strategies can lead to competitive advantage and augment business value.
  3. Senior-level professionals who aspire to take charge of the CFO role and other financial leadership roles in the future.
  4. Business heads, CXO's, and financial leaders who are at the forefront of financial decision-making in their organisations
  5. Screening & selection will be done by IIM Calcutta

Programme Duration and Delivery

Classroom Component: The programme will be delivered through the D2D platform once a Week (Select Sunday- 3:30 pm – 06:30 pm).

Campus Component: The in-campus component, covered in two visit of 7 days (4 days in the middle of the programme and 3 days towards the end of the programme) in total. It is compulsory for all participants. The campus modules will be conducted subject to the evolving COVID- 19 pandemic situation and will depend on Government and Institute policies related to the same.

The program is offered through a blend of diverse pedagogical tools including case discussions, hands-on exercises, simulations, role-plays, and lectures. The sessions are delivered through a mix of online and face-to-face sessions. A project component is involved as well.

Programme Content
  • Module A: CFO Essentials
    • Economy and Financial Markets
    • Portfolio Management-Real and Financial Assets
    • Value creation and corporate strategy
    • Data-driven decision making
    • Corporate Governance
  • Module B: The Future CFO
    • CFO as a strategic leader
    • Design thinking
    • Digital transformation

Programme Sample Certificate

Alumni Status
  • LDP participants who complete the programme successfully become the Alumni of IIMC Executive Education, which currently has over 30,000 members.
  • LDP Alumni are given an email-id in the IIM Calcutta domain.
  • LDP Alumni can register in the IIM Calcutta Alumni portal either with this email-id or with their personal email-ids. The IIM Calcutta Alumni portal is a common platform for Alumni of all programmes of the Institute to interact with each other and stay connected with the Institute.
  • The Institute shares newsletters, important news and articles about the Institute and its activities, the achievements of the Institute's faculty, staff, students and alumni, upcoming events and programmes etc., on the portal.
  • Alumni can post their achievements, write about jobs or LIVE project opportunities for other alumni to see.
  • The IIM Calcutta alumni network can also be accessed on mobile phones through the mobile app.
  • Executive Education Alumni are entitled to a discount of 5% on the programme fee if they opt to do another LDP.
  • By using the different features of the IIM Calcutta portal, alumni across programmes can engage with each other in many meaningful ways. It is up to the alumni themselves to leverage the platform

How to Apply

For further details and for downloading the application form please visit

Email ID - enquiry.india[at]Emeritus[dot]org
Contact us - WhatsApp number- +91 74120 81081
Inbound/IVR number - +918277998590