Programme Overview

The context of business in today’s world is unavoidably global. Every product or service has some element of globalization that has touched it at some stage or the other, so much so that it is often challenging to identify a “purely domestic” product or service that does not rely on some input of a global nature. Globalization refers to the broad phenomenon wherein not only are national economies across the world merging into an interdependent and integrated global economic system through a decline in cross-border barriers to trade, but also to the phenomenon of shrinking distances in respect of languages, cultures and timezones through improvements in technology and transportation. No manager in today’s business context can afford to remain oblivious to this undeniable reality.

The Executive Programme in Global Business Management is designed to impart both knowledge and skills that enable managers to equip themselves to become successful in the global business arena. The 14th edition of this successful program is a significantly revamped version presented by IIM Calcutta. The program has been redesigned to keep up with the latest content in global business management courses worldwide, while also addressing contemporary issues in the Indian business context. The revised program is much shorter and redesigned to maintain a crisp focus on global business strategies, global business management concepts, and skills for cultivating a global mindset in the organization for business integration and improved responsiveness.

Managers of multinational companies currently working in the Indian space as well as Indian companies looking to expand their business globally would find this program relevant. Early to middle level managers who are beginning to encounter the challenges of globalization in their individual roles, teams and businesses, and seeking conceptual understanding, illustrative cases, and practical frameworks that can be applied for solutions to some grappling issues will find this program highly educative.

Programme Objective

The EPGBM is a management programme offered by IIM Calcutta in the online education domain, but is distinct from a general management program as it first builds the foundations of general management in all disciplines through an introductory module, and is then followed by three highly focused modules on global business strategies, global management concepts and skill-building towards cultivating a global mindset among its participants. In addition, a special module by a subject matter expert is envisaged.

Managers from MNCs currently working in Indian space as well as those working in Indian companies looking to expand their business globally, including their export departments, are expected to find this particularly suitable. The program addresses issues pertaining to globalization at the business, team and individual levels.

The EPGBM is in its 14th edition and has been significantly revamped to meet the needs of the current day global context in a very focused manner and be on par with the best of international programmes on global business management.

Programme Directors
Professor V K Unni

Professor V K Unni

Public Policy and Management

Who Should Attend

Working professional with at least 50% in graduation / post-graduation and at least 2 years of work experience. Students would be shortlisted on the basis of assessment of background , credentials submitted along with the application form. Candidates should be working at the time of filling up the application form

Programme Duration and Delivery

This is a one year Programme.The sessions will be delivered through online platform once a week and select session on secondary slots. Primary slot: Saturday. Secondary slot (select): Sunday.

Campus visit takes place once a year. The total duration of campus visits is of 4 days.
The campus module will be conducted subject to the evolving pandemic situation and will depend on Government and Institute policies related to the same.

The pedagogy will be highly interactive. It will leverage use of technology. It will consist of a judicious blend of lectures, real life case studies, quizzes and assignments.

Programme Content


  • Introduction to global business management
    • Globalisation and its Impact
    • World Geographies, International Markets and Consumers
    • International Trade and Capital Flows
    • Geopolitics
    • Indian Economy
  • Foundations of Business Management
    • Economics
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Marketing, Sales and Distribution
    • Strategic Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Information Technology Business Ethics
  • Workshop by guest subject matter expert, plus some internal experts on global business strategies
    • Workshop by guest subject matter expert, plus some internal experts on global business strategies
  • Global Business Strategies
    • Systematic Techniques for the Country and Opportunity Analysis
    • Global Market Entry/ Exit Strategies International M&As
    • JVs and Strategic Alliances
    • Internationalisation of Family-Owned Businesses
    • Economics of Special Economic Zone
  • Managing the Global Business
    • Global Finance
    • Global HRM
    • International Law and Corporate Governance
    • Global R&D, Innovation
    • Global Supply Chain
    • International Marketing Management
    • Information Systems for Global Operations
    • Global Business Ethics
  • Building Skills for Global Business Management
    • Communication Skills Required in a Globalised World
    • Sensitise Participants to Cross-cultural Skills Needed For the Conduct of international Business
    • Guide Building Global Careers and Leadership While Cultivating a Global Mindset in the Organisation for Business Integration and Improved Responsiveness

Programme Sample Certificate

Alumni Status
  • LDP participants who complete the programme successfully become the Alumni of IIMC Executive Education, which currently has over 30,000 members.
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How to Apply

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