Programme Overview

The business environment in India is rapidly changing. It is far more dynamic today than ever before. Family managed businesses must adapt to professional way of managing their businesses to remain afloat in today’s dynamic environment. This programme is therefore developed to educate and enable the owners / top-management of the Family Businesses in India to understand and learn how to tackle the challenges faced by them and continue to contribute to the national economy in a bigger way. The programme should enable them to explore how to scan the environment and identify / encash the opportunities available to them to grow either in the same field or in new vistas; will expose them to the theory related to the functional aspects of the business, developing strategies and the importance of professional management.

Programme Objective

After completing this programme, the participants should be able to

  • Develop an understanding of the role of an entrepreneur/innovator,
  • Appreciate the functional aspects of their businesses,
  • Develop a strategy to take their business ahead in the competition, and
  • Understand how to take their business global.

Programme Directors
Professor Chetan Joshi

Professor Chetan Joshi

Organizational Behavior

Professor Manju Jaiswall

Professor Manju Jaiswall

Finance and Control

Who Should Attend
  • The owners / scions of Family Managed Businesses
  • Senior Managers who report to the owners of Family Managed Businesses

Programme Duration and Delivery

The duration of the Programme is 1 year.
The programme will be delivered through the D2D platform once a Week (Sunday- 3:30 pm – 06:30 pm). There will be two campus visits of 5 days each towards the start & end of the programme respectively. The campus module will be conducted subject to the evolving pandemic situation and will depend on Government and Institute policies related to the same.

  • Interactive discussion
  • Case Studies

Programme Content
  • Functional Areas of Business
  • Understanding Macroeconomic Business Environment for Family Managed Businesses
  • Dynamics of Family Managed Businesses
  • Business Financing & Valuation and Venture Capital Funding
  • Understanding Entrepreneurship
  • Design Thinking & Innovation
  • Taking One’s Business Global

  • Graduation in any Discipline
  • Must be an Owner /scion of the Family Business
  • Member of the top-management (that is, reporting to the owner) of the Family-managed Business with a minimum of 10 years of experience

Alumni Status
  • LDP participants who complete the programme successfully become the Alumni of IIMC Executive Education, which currently has over 30,000 members.
  • LDP Alumni are given an email-id in the IIM Calcutta domain.
  • LDP Alumni can register in the IIM Calcutta Alumni portal either with this email-id or with their personal email-ids. The IIM Calcutta Alumni portal is a common platform for Alumni of all programmes of the Institute to interact with each other and stay connected with the Institute.
  • The Institute shares newsletters, important news and articles about the Institute and its activities, the achievements of the Institute's faculty, staff, students and alumni, upcoming events and programmes etc., on the portal.
  • Alumni can post their achievements, write about jobs or LIVE project opportunities for other alumni to see.
  • The IIM Calcutta alumni network can also be accessed on mobile phones through the mobile app.
  • Executive Education Alumni are entitled to a discount of 5% on the programme fee if they opt to do another LDP.
  • By using the different features of the IIM Calcutta portal, alumni across programmes can engage with each other in many meaningful ways. It is up to the alumni themselves to leverage the platform

How to Apply

TimesPro Admissions Co-ordinator phone number as below:

Name: Prathmesh Dali

Number: 1800-843-1552

Email ID: admissions[at]timesgroup[dot]com