Programme Overview

The programme will be a 12 month, 50 sessions intensive platform/ face to face, featuring a mix of lectures, case studies and workshops. It intends to sensitize participants to the transformation of women in organizations from managerial roles to leadership positions, and subsequently attempts to equip the participants with both theoretical and applied skills that would guide them to navigate their paths through the complex processes of managerial renovations. In the process, they would engage with a variety of executive dimensions that require leadership vision, self-exploration and understanding, skills, applications and articulations. How do women in the corporate become effective leaders is the broad question this program intends to respond to at various levels of managerial, administrable and political crossroads.

Programme Objective

Transformation from managerial to leadership roles for working women professionals. The programme will include the following modules:

  • Women in management
  • Leading and managing teams
  • Bird’s eye view of organizational functions
  • Managing in a digital age
  • Leadership communication
  • Legal and human resource perspectives
  • Women in emerging markets
  • Building one’s leadership potential
  • Strategic leadership

Programme Directors
Professor Nimruji Prasad Jammulamadaka

Professor Nimruji Prasad Jammulamadaka

Organizational Behavior

Professor Lakshmi Goyal

Professor Lakshmi Goyal

Strategic Management

Who Should Attend
  • Working women professionals with at least 5 years of managerial experience in top companies
  • Participants demonstrating significant career achievements/ leadership responsibilities.
  • Women engaged in family business /entrepreneurial activities.
  • Graduates (10+2+3 or equivalent) in any discipline with minimum 50% aggregate and 50% or more in post-graduation are also eligible.

Programme Duration and Delivery

The duration of the programme is 12 months.
The sessions will be delivered through the D2D (Direct to Device Mode) online platform and through face-to-face sessions at IIM Calcutta campus.
The programme will be delivered through online classes held once a week. The class schedule is Day of the week: Saturday, 3:30pm – 6:30 pm
There will be two campus visits. 1st campus visit will be of 3 days (towards the beginning of the programme) and 2nd campus visit will be of 3 days (towards the end of the programme).
Campus modules will remain compulsory for all.
The campus visits will be conducted subject to the evolving pandemic situation and will depend on government and institute regulations, advisories and guidelines related to the pandemic.


The pedagogy will be highly interactive. It will leverage use of technology and will consist of, depending on the subject, a judicious blend of lectures, real life case studies, quizzes, and assignments.

Programme Content

Module 1

  • Women in management: An introduction to specific issues women face as they navigate their careers in organizations.
    • Economics of contemporary women labour force in the corporate
    • Women in Management

Module 2

  • Leading and managing teams
    • Managing and leading teams
    • Conflict management
    • Effective negotiations

Module 3

  • Bird’s eye view of organizational functions
    • Basics of financial markets
    • Operations
    • Marketing
    • Introduction to financial accounting

Module 4

  • Managing in a digital age
    • Digital transformation
    • Data analytics
    • Digital marketing

Module 5

  • Leadersgamihip communication
    • Storytelling, and trans-medial narratives
    • Data presentations
    • Strategic communication, persuasion and argumentation
    • Communication Analytics
    • Gamification

Module 6

  • Legal and human resource perspectives
    • Human Resource Management
    • Legal Perspectives

Module 7

  • Working women in emerging markets
    • Post-colonial women

Module 8

  • Building one’s leadership potential
    • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    • Coaching and mentoring
    • Behaviour and cognition

Module 9

  • Strategic leadership
    • Organization: structure and strategy
    • Strategic leadership

Campus Visit: Two campus visits of 3 days each

  • Visit 1 < 5 sessions from the list above TBD for the visit>
  • Visit 2 < 5 sessions from the list above TBD for the visit>

Programme Sample Certificate

Alumni Status
  • LDP participants who complete the programme successfully become the Alumni of IIMC Executive Education, which currently has over 30,000 members.
  • LDP Alumni are given an email-id in the IIM Calcutta domain.
  • LDP Alumni can register in the IIM Calcutta Alumni portal either with this email-id or with their personal email-ids. The IIM Calcutta Alumni portal is a common platform for Alumni of all programmes of the Institute to interact with each other and stay connected with the Institute.
  • The Institute shares newsletters, important news and articles about the Institute and its activities, the achievements of the Institute's faculty, staff, students and alumni, upcoming events and programmes etc., on the portal.
  • Alumni can post their achievements, write about jobs or LIVE project opportunities for other alumni to see.
  • The IIM Calcutta alumni network can also be accessed on mobile phones through the mobile app.
  • Executive Education Alumni are entitled to a discount of 5% on the programme fee if they opt to do another LDP.
  • By using the different features of the IIM Calcutta portal, alumni across programmes can engage with each other in many meaningful ways. It is up to the alumni themselves to leverage the platform

How to Apply

For further details and for downloading the application form please visit -

Name: Prathmesh Dali
Number: 1800-843-1552
Email ID: admissions[at]timesgroup[dot]com