Professor Manish K. Thakur

Dean (New Initiatives & External Relations)

From the Dean's Desk

I welcome you to explore the exciting world of Long Duration Programmes (LDPs) on offer by the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC). IIMC is the pioneering institute in the space of technology-driven executive education in the online mode both through state-of-the-art studio classrooms across the length and breadth of the country as well as abroad, and in the direct to device (D2D) format. Over the past two decades or so, the portfolio of our LDPs has grown enormously to cater to the diverse needs of working professionals. I am sure you will find a programme that suits the demands of your professional growth and development

At IIMC, we attempt at calibrating our LDPs in relation to the changing dynamics of national and global economies. You would see for yourself we are continuously adding new programmes in the fields of general management as well as cutting-edge functional and niche areas. At the same time, we do not hesitate to drop a programme if it has outlived its relevance. Our programmes draw upon the high-quality academic resources of our faculty and reputed practitioners from the world of business. Our pedagogic methods take on board the work experiences of the participants, and our teaching modules are designed to enhance participant-centred learning.

All our LDPs have an in-built component of campus visits of short-durations. These visits are meant to offer the participants opportunities to interact with our faculty members including the ones who may not have directly participated in a given programme. All the same, the visits turn out to be memorable events for our participants as they experience the serene campus life with its bountiful flora and fauna. On the campus, the classroom discussions very often spill-over to prolonged informal conversations on the lakeside and under the canopy of an old Banyan tree.

Over the years, these programmes have benefitted thousands of participants in achieving their professional goals and fulfilling their aspirations. They are now the proud alumni of IIMC Executive Education. I welcome you once again and encourage you to see for yourself if one of our programmes suits your management development expectations.