Executive Education (MDP)

Guidelines for Participants


The online version of our Annual MDP (Management Development Programme) Calendar, with programmes categorized under respective Functional Areas, can be accessed through the weblink Clicking on the individual Programme Name will take the viewer to the corresponding Programme Brochure mentioning introductory details about the respective MDP.

A study of this brochure will enable the sponsoring organization and/or applicant(s) to identify the programme(s) most suitable for their employees/herself/himself/themselves. Once the programme(s) is(are) identified, nomination(s) can be made following the processes as enlisted below.

How to Nominate

The online Application Form can be accessed by clicking 'Apply Now' link corresponding to the relevant MDP in our online MDP calendar, which can be accessed through the link

When used for the first time, the sponsoring authority or applicant (in case self-sponsored) would need to register by providing details about her/himself (as the sponsoring authority) and the corresponding firm (if company sponsored), by clicking on the 'Register' link.
Kindly fill in these details carefully, as the data will be stored for all subsequent applications.

The user id would be her/his email address, and an auto generated password will be sent to the registered email id for future use.

Along with this registration, the form will also guide the user to submit the participant details of the MDP that s/he/they is/are interested in. On subsequent occasions of nominating participants, the user can access the form using her/his registered email id and would have to just provide just the participant details for the MDP s/he/they are interested in.

Upon receipt of the aforesaid completed Application form, the nomination(s) will be forwarded to the Programme Director(s) for her/his/their necessary consideration.
Once the candidature(s) is(are) approved, the sponsoring authority or participant (in case of self-nomination) will be intimated over email, along with an invoice. Thereafter, the sponsoring authority/individual may proceed with the remittances of fees and making the travel arrangements.

Please note that confirmation of participation is subject to receipt of Programme fees by Executive Education (MDP) Office before Programme commencement.

Programme fees can be paid vide Electronic Fund Transfer through NEFT/RTGS.
Our Bank Account and other relevant details will be mentioned in the invoice/accompanying email.

Taxes, Cess, Bank charges and surcharges, as applicable, may be levied extra on transactions mentioned above, to be borne by the sponsoring entity.

In case of online payment, kindly intimate the Executive Education (MDP) office with the UTR No./relevant transaction details through email, so that we can connect your remittance to your nomination.

Our correspondence address is as follows:

Executive Education (MDP) Office
Management Development Centre (MDC)
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
Diamond Harbour Road, Joka
Kolkata - 700 104

Phone: 033 2467 8300-06 / 2438 0500, Extn Nos: 6012, 6011, 6005

Programme Fees

Programme fees mentioned are on Residential basis, unless otherwise specified.

We would strongly encourage candidates to enroll as Residential participants, as the experience of an MDP is optimized in a full-immersion mode. Still, in case a candidate wishes to apply on a Non-Residential basis, the Programme fee for such participant will be Rs. 10,000/- less than the Residential fee. Tax and cess will be charged as applicable.

Programme Venue

For almost all programmes, except where specifically mentioned, the programme venue is Management Development Centre (MDC) inside the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta campus. For Residential participants, we provide accommodation and boarding facilities at the MDC.


Our campus is situated at Joka, on Diamond Harbour Road, towards the extreme southern part of Kolkata. It is about 35 Kms away from the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International airport and about 20 kms away from both Howrah and Sealdah Railway Stations. Pre-paid taxis and Radio/App-based Cabs are available at all the above mentioned places to reach Joka, which is quite well known to taxi operators.


In case of Residential Programmes, accommodation for participants is arranged from the evening of the day prior to the commencement of the Programme. Participants are expected to report at the reception of MDC (where their accommodation has been arranged for and intimated in advance) by the evening on the said day. Reception at MDC is manned round the clock.

The Programme will be over by 2.00 p.m. on the last day (unless otherwise specified). Participants are requested to make their travel plan accordingly.

In case any participant(s) is(are) required to stay overnight on the last day, s/he(they) may do so with the approval of the Programme Director. Subject to approval of such requests and availability of accommodation, participants will be allowed to overstay by paying the applicable charges (including taxes, if any) of accommodation and food on the spot, in cash.

Refund of Programme Fees

In case a programme is cancelled by IIM Calcutta owing to factors beyond its control, the programme fee(s) will be refunded to the sponsoring organization/person concerned.

If a ‘confirmed’ participant fails to attend the concerned programme, refunds will be dealt with as per the Institute’s extant policy.

Discount on the Programme fees

A discount of 10% on the Programme fees can be availed by an individual organization if it nominates at least 4 participants for a particular MDP.

Tax and Cess

Tax and Cess are applicable on our MDP fees as per relevant Notification(s) and/or Directive(s) issued by the Government of India, and amended from time to time. Fees quoted are exclusive of Tax and other statutory cess/surcharges, which will be charged extra, as applicable.

Executive Education Alumni

With effect from April 1, 2017, participants of IIM Calcutta’s ‘Open’ MDPs who attend 20 days of learning through two or more Open MDPs will be eligible to apply for ‘Executive Education Alumnus/Alumna of IIM Calcutta’ status.