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Ref. No. IIMC-CRC-2016-09
  • Indranil Bose
  • Saikat Lahiri
  • Gaurav Gupta
Length 15 pages + teaching note.
Data Source Field research.
Setting Global software development startup looking for partner.
Abstract Organizations around the globe face the challenge of modifying the code driving the legacy applications as they strive to adopt to the increasingly web, mobile and cloud based world of software. Mobilize.NET is a niche, US-based IT services startup that uses a proprietary platform to modernize Microsoft stack legacy applications. Its core value proposition is an ability to achieve a high degree of automation in the modernization process by using contextually sensitive language conversion. The case explores the origins of Mobilize and examines the strategic options open to the company to continue on a strong path of growth. In the case, select decision makers and advisors of Mobilize, led by Tom Button, CEO, are debating whether to build their own consulting and system integration capabilities or rely on alliances with other IT consulting and system integrator firms to achieve greater market penetration and scale. They also discuss the relative benefits and challenges associated with establishing alliances with large, medium and small system integrators who operate at different levels of scale and reach, including Indian players. The question remains who should Mobilize partner with to enhance their trajectory of growth and what should be the modalities of that partnership.
Keywords Indian software companies; Go-to-market; Growth; Market penetration; Modernization of software; Partnership; Startup; Software conversion; Strategic alliance; System integrator.