The Narcissism Conundrum

Written By: 
Apoorva Bharadwaj
Published On: 
December, 2013

This book presents a psycho-biographic analysis of Ernest Hemingway's works so as to map the complex mindscape of the author in order to unearth those thought processes that culminated in the character architecture of his protagonists inaugurating a tradition of a narcissistic self-fictionalization. His epistolary literature has been primarily used as an opulent source of biographic information for profiling the real Hemingway, de-skinning the photogenic cosmetic layers of glamour that this hunter-fisherman-soldier-author had a fetish to don flamboyantly. This methodical, meticulous book dissecting the character anatomies of Hemingway's protagonists using the tool of biographic chronicle will enable Hemingway aficionados to decipher the narcissism conundrum that haloes this author's mystic persona.

About the Author:

Apoorva Bharadwaj is Assistant Professor in Business Ethics and Communications Group at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), India. She has presented papers at international conferences in the USA, Dubai, Malaysia and Italy on intercultural and marketing communication. Her research publications in international peer-reviewed journals focus on literature, management, and creative communication. She has authored regular columns in newspapers on English language and literature. She also writes poetry and has various publications in national and international literary periodicals to her name.