Notice Inviting Tender



Computer Centre

Tender No. - IIMC/CC/NETWORK-UPGRADE/2021-22/015 Dated: 31th December, 2021

Tender for “TENDER for Network device procurement for the up gradation of LAN & Wi-Fi network at IIM Calcutta campus”

Bidder’s Mandatory Criteria

Sl. No. Description Document to be Uploaded Reference Page no.
1 BIDDER should not be Blacklisted in any PSU OR Govt. organization in last three years Supporting document or self-declaration
2 Must be registered under Goods & Service Tax Act. Self-Attested GST Registration Certificate to be furnished
3 BIDDER’S Average Annual Turnover in the last three Financial years (2018-19, 2019-20 & 2020-21) has to be at least INR 100 Cr. Audited Balance sheet. All three balance sheet should have to submit.
4 Other documents required Please upload scanned copies of:
1. PAN
2. Contact Details,
3. Bid security Declaration
4. BOQ
5. Escalation Matrix
5 BID security Declaration Please upload the Declaration
6 Bidder should supply Manufacturer Authorization Format (MAF) from the OEM for this tender. Documentary evidence should be submitted

OEM Mandatory Criteria (for Active devices)

Sl. No. Description Document to be Uploaded Reference Page no.
1 OEM should have supplied data network products for the past 10 years Documentary evidence of projects executed with customer contact particulars
2 OEM should have presence in India for the last 10 years Documentary evidence of its presence
3 OEM should have multilevel certification courses / Training partners in India Self-declaration of list of Courses/partners
4 OEM must have 24x7 help desk for service support in India Documentary evidence with details of help desk
5 Profitable annual financial turnover over a period of last 3 years, according to the audited Balance Sheet Copy of annual Report

Note: Only those bidders who meet the above minimum criteria will be considered for technical evaluation.

Online tender is invited for supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of LAN, Wi-Fi and software for the up gradation of campus Wireless network of IIMC at Joka.

The scope of this tender encompasses supply of necessary components, installation, testing of equipment for the functionalities, demonstration and adequate training to IIMC personnel for smooth operation/management of the equipment.

Tender documents containing details may be obtained from the Website CPP PORTAL, ( Bidder needs to download the documents from there. Tender must be submitted through CPP portal. Bidder should registered themselves to that portal prior to submission.

Time schedule of tender activities:

  1. Date & Time for submission of Tender Documents: From 31/12/2021 to 20/01/2022 upto 16.00 hrs.
  2. Date & Time of Opening of Technical Bid: 31/12/2022 on 16:00 Hours
  3. Date & Time of Opening of Commercial Bid: To be Communicated to the qualifying tenderer later

Offer must be submitted through CPP portal latest by 4 P.M. on Tuesday 20th January, 2022.

The Institute reserves the right to modify the requirements and reject all the tenders, wholly or partly without assigning any reason thereof.