Outliving others is achieved by outthinking. We at OutThink Club encourage and induce rational and strategic thought through gameplay. We focus on Game Theory, Strategy, and Puzzles. The puzzle of the comfort zone drain with structured and logical thinking. We induce this in fun ways. Welcome to the fun-filled yet puzzling life of OutThink.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OutThink.IIMC/

Events & Performances:
  • Ace of Joka
  • Joka Genius
  • Puzzle A Day
  • Empires of Mind
  • IPL Auction Simulation
  • Game Theory
  • Mock RBI
  • Sudoku Challenge
  • Liar Games
  • Angels & Demons
Core Members:


PostNameMobile No.Email ID
PresidentVenktesh Rathi9923313051rathiv2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Vice-PresidentApoorv Singh7869968123apoorvs2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Events HeadNaveed Sarguroh9029757971naveedm2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Design & PR HeadAnshul Gupta8962919724anshulg2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
 Surabhi Puneyani9643864560surabhip2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
 Kaushik Somani7447340636kaushikp2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in

Official email - outthink[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in