Appendix 1

Credits will be granted by ESCP Europe for approved work successfully completed at IIMC *

Equivalence of ESCP Europe core courses with IIMC courses:

ESCP Europe coursesIIMC courses
Finance Corporate Finance
Fundamentals of Marketing Marketing Management I and Marketing Management II
Economics I and II Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and India and the World Economy
Psychology & Management Behavioural Science I, Managerial Communication I and Managerial Communication II
Strategy Strategic Management
Organisation & Management Behavioural Science II, Business Ethics
Human Resources Management Human Resources Management
Operations Management Production and Operation Management
Risk Management and Operations Research
Management Control
European Labour Law & Taxation Indian Economic and Political History
Environment and Development

Equivalence of ESCP Europe Prerequisite courses with IIMC courses:

Prerequisite courses ESCP EuropeIIMC courses
Quantitative methods Statistics For Management
Financial accounting Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis
Cost and decisions Cost Mangement
Business Law Indian Legal System and Indian Social Structure
Computer Skills Information Technology and Systems

* These course equivalence will be decided by the respective programme authorities from time to time based on actual courses offered in that year at respective institutions. The above proposed structure is based on courses offered at present at both the institutions.