Mentorship Program

Placements form an integral part of B-schoollife and the first time that one gets to experience the whirlwind experience is during the Summer Placements. It is crucial for any future manager as it is an excellent opportunity to work in the corporate sector, decide on one’s career path and make a smooth transition from academic life to life as managers and leaders. While being a great opportunity it is also a great challenge for them.

At IIM Calcutta, the culture is one of knowledge sharing and mentorship. As such, every year, the second year students of the Institute organize a mentorship program for the first year students to prepare them for the summer placement process. The Mentorship program begins right from the stage of CV making, wherein each first year student is assigned 2-3 mentors, who have backgrounds similar to him/her. These mentors lead the first years through the entire process of CV making, guiding them at each and every step. As far as the preparation for GDs and interviews is concerned, no stones are left unturned to ensure that the aspirants are ready for the D-day. Various clubs such as Finance and Investment Club, Consulting Club, Marketing Cell conduct sessions for them wherein they are made aware of the nuances of their chosen field. Mock interviews are conducted and the aspirants are judged on a variety of parameters as a real interviewer would. Further, detailed feedback is provided about their areas of strengths and weaknesses to every student as also means to build on the strengths and negate the weaknesses.

The Mentorship Program at IIMC is completely voluntary for the second years but in the past, they have displayed extra-ordinary enthusiasm and interest in the careers of the first year students. This is part of the culture imbibed in every IIMCian, to help others and share knowledge.