Student Life

At IIM Calcutta, the ambit of education extends much farther than just classroom teaching. A significant portion of learning and development comes from the life at campus and interaction with fellow students. The essence of the Institute's teaching has been to develop the student's mind and to bring it to a level where understanding the fundamentals of everything is essential; fundamentals not just of academics, but also of the various aspects of life that one seems to be losing in this tech-savvy world.

As a community the students are well represented through the Student Council that acts as the interface between the students and the Faculty & the administration. There is close interaction of the students with the faculty members and discussions extend beyond the realms of academic pursuits. There is plenty of scope for indulging oneself in extra-curricular activities through the plethora of clubs and special interest groups that strive to serve as outlets for the zeal and enthusiasm of the student community. There are a variety of sports, cultural, business and literary events throughout the year. There is something for everyone. These activities not only help in channelling the student’s energy positively but also ensure development of holistic and well-rounded future managers.

One of the most compelling features of life at Joka is the scenic beauty in the campus. One’s day begins with the early morning chirping of the various species of birds and ends reflecting at the depths of the lakes that adorn the campus. The greenery is omnipresent and continues to inspire generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders.