A 6 week industry internship is a compulsory course requirement of the one year full time residential Post Graduate Program for Executives for Visionary Leadership in Manufacturing (PGPEX VLM). Every student of the course is expected to work in the industry for a period of six weeks, during the months of January to February, after completing six terms of the academic program.

The Industry Internship Placement process is held to help the students find internships and at the same time, help recruiters find students to intern with their firms challenging projects.

The purpose of the internship is to give students an opportunity to apply management concepts learned during the program to a live project, so that they can better understand and analyze real world business problems. The internship also serves to give students a flavor and insight of the industry they are working in, which helps them in taking decisions about their long-term career paths, while also giving firms a chance to evaluate candidates in a more relaxed environment and find the right fit
for their firms.

Selection is typically based on personal interviews on campusor by video conferencing. The intern works under the counsel of a company executive (company project guide) who supervises and evaluates the performance of the student during his/her summer internship and sends feedback on the same to the institute. The needs to submit a copy of the feedback from the company project guide and the project report to the institute. The summer project is equivalent to one course for students of the PGPEX-VLM programme.

Internship Placement Begins 20th August


Duration of Project

6 weeks (Jan - Feb)


Monthly stipend
Airfare/railway ticket reimbursement
Incidental expenses

Project Details

The title of the project and the location is to be communicated to the Career Development & Placement Office and the student at least 3 weeks in advance of the project commencement date.

Evaluation Form

The evaluation form will be sent with the students to the concerned guide in the organization. This form is to be filled in completely and sent back sealed to the Career Development & Placement Office at end of the internship training.

PPO Policy

A company can award a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) to a deserving student undergoing industry internship with the organization. This must be confirmed by mentioning it in the Evaluation Form and/or a formal email from the organization to the Career Development & Placement Office with all the relevant details.

Fee Structure

No charges are levied on the firms for either participation or recruitment in the industry internship program. In case, a student is offered a pre-placement offer after completion of Industry Internship and joins the firms after completion of PGPEX-VLM Program, the firms would be charged variable fee as per the final placement charges.