Sartoria (SIG)

With the belief of fusing Intellect with some Fun-filled Fashion, Meda Sai Rahul and Shweta Rai founded Sartoria, the Fashion Club of IIM Calcutta. Sartoria bears the tag of being the first Fashion club in the history of IIMs. Sartoria symbolizes style, fashion, enthusiasm & class, and aims to add more flavors to the Joka culture.
The club will focus on outer as well as inner beauty, including healthy eating habits (even when you eat in the hostel mess), time-saving yet effective workout plans for the time-crunched MBA grads, along with stress-management sessions for a happy mind and a healthy body. We will have activities specifically planned to bring out the creativity of Jokars, enhance their spontaneity and thereby further upgrade their confident personalities. Sartoria will further act as the stepping stone for all fashion enthusiasts to enter this world of fashion. Tag line: Intellect-Fun-Fashion

Events & Performances:

7 lakes Ramp Walk
Mr & Ms Joka titles
Fitness challenges
Face of the month

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