Suresh holds a PhD and M.S. in Finance from the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University, a PGDM from IIM Calcutta and a B.E. (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering from University of Madras. He started his academic career as a Faculty member at the Administrative Staff College of India  and now holds the prestigious position of ‘Chase Manhattan Bank Professor of   Economics and Finance’ in Columbia University, USA.

Suresh’s extensive research and studies on Economics and Finance have been widely published in journals of international repute. He has been the Associate  Editor for the ‘Journal of Finance’, ‘Review of Derivatives Research’ and  ‘Management Science’ and has also published two books: ‘Fixed-Income Markets  and Their Derivatives’ and ‘Microfinance: Emerging Trends and Challenges’.

Suresh has received the prestigious Dean’s award for Curriculum Design at the Columbia Business School for ‘Advanced Derivatives’ and ‘Debt Markets’. He is the only academician to have served as a member of the Bond Markets Advisory Committee to the U.S Treasury. He also held the honour of being the Resident Scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Suresh has been a visiting scholar at the IMF and during his illustrious career he has served as a Coordinator for the World Bank programme in Asset Liability Management for Developing countries.

As a means of giving back to society, Suresh serves as member on the Board of Microlumbia which is a student run organization that raises money for giving pro-bono advice and loans to poor women all over the world. Suresh has always responded to calls from his alma mater. He has participated in various lecture and conference organized by IIM Calcutta. Suresh presently serves as a member on the Advisory Board of the Financial Research and Trading Laboratories at IIM Calcutta

Suresh Mahadevan Sundaresan receiving his award