Name Card

Nisigandha Bhuyan
Associate Professor
Academic Group: 
Business Ethics & Communication Group
Phone No.: 
+91-33- 71212018
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Academic Background: 
Ph.D, IIT Kanpur
Courses Taught: 
Business Ethics, Professional Ethics, Ethics and Society, Ethics and Values in International Business, Perspectives and Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility, Managerial Ethics, Social Transformation


Consulting Interests: 
Building Ethical Company, Moral Leaders, Capacity building for women as moral managers
Current Projects: 
1. Moral foresight in technological innovation. 2. Freedom, capitalism, and institutions for delivering social justice. 3. Challenges of implementing CSR as a strategy in MSMES: A study in two clusters of textiles and leather industries in India. 4. Social Justice, women and the capability approach.


Journal Publications: 
Senapaty S. & Bhuyan, N. 2014 “Evaluating the Profession and Professionalism of Business Managers: Control Embedded in Character” Decision, Vol 41, Issue 3. Bharadwaj, A. & Bhuyan, N. 2013 “Understanding the Character of Santiago in The Old Man and the Sea within the Framework of Aristotelian Virtue Ethics and its Contemporary Relevance in Ethical Management” Decision, Volume 40, Number 3. Bhuyan, N. 2013 “Meaning of Work in Life: A Comprehensive Perspective from Ancient Indian Spiritual Tradition” Proceedings of International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences 15-17 March, ISBN 978-986-87417-9-9, pp. 436-443. Bhuyan, N. 2013 “Public Policies of Controlling Tobacco Marketing: The Process of Evolution of a Social Contract” Proceedings of 3rd Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference 25 - 26 February, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ISBN: 978-1-922069-19-1. Bhuyan, N. 2010. “Character of the Leader and Organizational Integrity”, 3D… IBA Journal of Management and Leadership (ISSN: 223-7524), Volume 2, Issue 1, pp. 57-62. Bhuyan, Nisigandha. 2007. “ The Role of Character in Ethical Decision-Making” The Journal of Value Inquiry Volume 41, Number 1, pp. 45-57. Bhuyan, N., 2002 “Nature of Applied Ethics” published in The Philosophical Quarterly, Vol.VIII, No.3-4.
Bhuyan, N. “Meaning of Work in Life: A Comprehensive Perspective from Ancient Indian Spiritual Tradition”, presented at 2013 International Symposium on Business and Social Sciences (ISBSS 2013), March 15-17, Tokyo, Japan. Bhuyan, N. “Public Policies of Controlling Tobacco Marketing: The Process of Evolution of a Social Contract”, presented at Third Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference, February 25-26, 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bhuyan, N. “Role of Integrative Thinking in Human Innovation and enterprising: Lessons from Ancient Indian Philosophy”, presented in International conference on Practical Wisdom from Indian Religious Traditions at IIM Kozhikode held during January 12-13, 2012. Bhuyan, N. “An Agenda for Corporate Social Responsibilities of MSMEs in India”, presented in National Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility at XIM Campus, Bhubaneswar from February 9-11, 2012. Senapaty, S., & Bhuyan, N. 2009. Analyzing Macro Level HRD Issues within a Sustainable Framework for CSR. In Spirituality, Ethics and Leadership: Proceeding of the 2nd International Conference on Spirituality, Ethics and Leadership, Pondicheri: FMS, Delhi University, Regent University, USA and Pondicheri University. Bhuyan, N., 2001. Stakeholder Approach: Some Problems. In the Conference Proceedings of the 13th Conference of All Orissa Philosophical Association, Bhubaneswar: Xavier Institute of Management.
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Books/Book Chapters: 
Bhuyan, N. & Senapaty, S. 2004 “What is at Stake in Corporate Social Responsibility?” in Business Social Partnership: an International Perspective Ed. S. S. Sengupta, Jaipur: Aalekh Publisher, pp. 159-79
Research Interests: 
Ethics and Social Philosophy, Social Contract Theory, Virtue Ethics, Social Justice, CSR and Business Strategy.