Sumanta Basu

Sumanta Basu


Academic Group: Operations Management


Phone No.: +91-33-2467-8300
Email ID.: sumanta


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Academic Background:

  • PhD in Production and Quantitative Methods, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • B.Tech (Hons) in Chemical Engineering, Vidyasagar University

Courses Taught:

(Average Feedback across Courses: 9.5 out of 10)

  • Hospital Planning and Structure (PG Diploma in Healthcare management)
  • Managing Healthcare Operations (MBA Elective)
  • Managerial Problem Solving (Game Theory) (PGPEX)
  • Operations Research (MBA Compulsory)
  • Risk Management and Markov Chain Applications (MBA Compulsory) 
  • Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing (MBA, PGPEX, PGDBA and Doctoral Elective)
  • Production and Distribution Management (PGPEX-VLMP)
  • Management Game (CAPSTONE Simulation Game for PGP Compulsory)
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management and Analytics (Long Duration Programs) 
  • Economic Modelling in Operations Management (Doctoral course)

MDP Offered:

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Managing Family Business For growth
  • Revenue Management and Pricing Analytics
  • Developing Strategic Decision Making Capability through Simulation
  • Excellence in Agribusiness Management & Leadership


Awarded the best thesis proposal of track “Algorithmic Models & Supply Chain” in the international conference “Doctoral Colloquium, 2008” organized by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. - University silver medalist in graduation.

Consulting Interests:

  • Healthcare Operations and Management
  • Data analytics and Optimization across Business Domains
  • Pricing and Revenue Management Applications
  • Retail Operations and Analytics
  • Platform Operations

Past Projects:

  • 2019: The state of primary and secondary education in West Bengal: An empirical analysis using DISE data (Internal Project funded by IIM Calcutta)
  • 2019: Heuristic Approaches for Reliable Facility Location Problems (Internal Project funded by IIM Calcutta)
  • 2018: Study of Court processes and re-engineering opportunities for improving court efficiencies for justice delivery in India (Project funded by Ministry of Judiciary Services)


Work Experience:

  • Associate Professor of Operations Management Group, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (2014-2020)
  • Assistant Professor of Operations Management Group, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (2010-2014)
  • Assistant Professor of Operations Management Group, XLRI, Jamshedpur (2009-2010)
  • Senior Manager in Wipro Technologies & BPO (2008-2009)
  • Process Engineer in Haldia Petrochemicals Limited (2000-2003) 

Administrative Experience: 

  • Coordinator , Center for Development and Environment Policy (2024-Till date)
  • Chairperson, PGPEX-VLMP (2020-22) 
  • Chairperson, Admissions Committee (2018-2020) 
  • CAT Convener (2018-19) 
  • Coordinator - CEMS Block Seminar (2017) 
  • Chairperson, Student Affairs Committee (2014-16) 
  • Group Coordinator, Operations Management Group (2011-13, 2022-23) 
  • Member, Admissions Committee (2016-18, 2024-26), CMDP Committee (2016-18), Student Affairs Committee (2012-14, 2016-18, 2022-26), Placement Committee (2014-16) 
  • Election Officer, Faculty Representative to BoG and Faculty Convener, 2013-14 
  • Member, Innovation Council, IMI Kolkata, under the aegis of MHRD’s Innovation Cell


Journal Publications:

Publication ( )

  • 2024: Varied offspring memetic algorithm with three parents for a realistic synchronized goods delivery and service problem, Forthcoming in Soft Computing, Springer.
  • 2023: Influenza Vaccine Contracts in Developing Nations - Coordination, Flexibility and Vaccine Coverage, 2023, Decision Sciences Journal, Wiley. 
  • 2023: Collaboration and Coordination Strategies for a Multi-level AI-enabled Healthcare Supply Chain under Disaster, Forthcoming in International Journal of Production Research, 1-27, 2023.
  • 2023: Multichannel Retailer’s Channel Choice and Product Pricing: Influence of Investment in Fit-disclosing Technology by Competing Retailers, International Journal of Production Economics, 262, 108895, 2023. 
  • 2022: What Ails Physician Review Websites? A Study of Information Needs of Patients, Decision Support Systems, 166, 113897, 2023. 
  • 2022: Optimal time and fee for movie release on OTT: Impact of movie, OTT and market characteristics, Decision Support Systems,165, 113893, 2023. 
  • 2021: Uniform or Spatially Differentiated? Pricing Strategies for Information Goods Under Simultaneous and Sequential Decision-making in Multi-Market Context, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 64 (102832), 2022.
  • 2021: A joint weighting and modified weighted aggregated sum product assessment‐based methodology for the measurement of patient satisfaction: Evidence from Indian healthcare, Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, 29, 5-22, 2022. 
  • 2021: Evaluating the Performance of Primary Schools in India: Evidence from West Bengal, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 2021. 
  • 2020: Advertisement Revenue Management: Determining the Optimal Mix of Skippable and Non-Skippable Ads for Online Video Sharing Platforms, European Journal of Operational Research, 292 (1), 213-229, 2021. 
  • 2020: Imprecise Modified Solid Green Traveling Purchaser Problem for Substitute Items using Quantum-inspired Genetic Algorithm, Computers & Industrial Engineering, 147, 106578, 2020. 
  • 2019: Theory of Constraints based Mafia Offer for Supply Chains of Deteriorating Products, International Journal of Production Research, 58 (14), 4421-4449, 2020. 
  • 2018: Decision-making under Risk: Evidence from the Hindi Movie Industry. Journal of Operations and Strategic Planning, 1(1), 15-33. 
  • 2017: A Route Efficiency Analysis Using Shannon Entropy based Modified DEA Method and Route Characteristics Investigation for Urban Bus Transport in India. INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research, 56(3): 332-359. 
  • 2017: Efficient preprocessing methods for tabu search: an application on asymmetric travelling salesman problem. INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research, 55(2): 134-158. 
  • 2015: A DEA and Regression based Financial Performance Evaluation Framework for Public Bus Transport, Journal of Soft Computing and Decision Support Systems, 2(3): 9-13, 2015. 
  • 2015: Metaheuristic applications on discrete facility location problems: a survey, OPSEARCH, 52: 3, 530 - 561, Springer, 2015. (with Sharma, M. and Ghosh, P.S.) 
  • 2015: Pricing and cloud services-the impact of broadband quality, OMEGA-The International Journal of Management Science, 50, 96 – 114, Elsevier, 2015. (with Chakraborty, S. and Sharma, M.) 
  • 2014: Pricing Infrastructure-as-a-Service for online two-sided platform providers, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, 13: 3, 199 - 223, 2014. (with Chakraborty, S. and Sharma, M.) 
  • 2013: A fast tabu search implementation for large asymmetric traveling salesman problem, OPSEARCH, 50: 1, 1 - 14, Springer, 2013. (with Gajulapalli, R. S. and Ghosh, D.) 
  • 2013: The Kolkata Police force and Durga Puja: Managing a mega-festival in a metropolis, Decision, 40: 3, Springer, 2013. (with Bose, I. and Ghosh, S.) 
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  • 2012: Tabu search implementation on traveling salesman problem and its variations: A literature survey, American Journal of Operations Research, 2: 2, 163-173, 201 
    Conference Proceedings
  • 2020: An Integrated Weighting-based Modified WASPAS Methodology for Assessing Patient Satisfaction, 2020 International Conference on Decision Aid Sciences and Application (DASA) 
  • 2011: Pension Fund Management in India: A Stochastic Programming Approach (Proceedings of XIV Annual Conference of the Society of Operations Management, December, 2010) 
  • 2010: Intensification based Approach for Tabu Search Implementation (Proceedings of XIV Annual Conference of the Society of Operations Management, December, 2010) 
  • 2010: Neighborhood Reduction Strategy for Tabu Search Implementation in Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem (Proceedings of 43rd Annual Convention of Operational Research Society of India, December, 2010) 

    US Patent
  • 2012: Automated Data Analysis and Recommendation System and Method, Application No. 12/333,332
  • 2011: Method and System for Workflow Management of A Business Process, Patent No. 636803
  • 2010: System and Method for Allocating Job to An Agent, patent No. US8352304 B2


  • Presented accepted conference papers in reputed international conferences like MSOM, INFORMS RMP, INFORMS annual meeting, POMS, Euro, IFORS etc.
  • 2019: Awarded best paper in IEOM Bangkok
  • 2008: Awarded as the best thesis proposal of track “Algorithmic Models & Supply Chain” in the international conference “Doctoral Colloquium, 2008” organized by Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Research Interests:

  • Pricing and Revenue Management
  • Economic Modeling and Game Theoretic Applications in Business Problems
  • Healthcare Operations and Analytics
  • Retail Operations
  • Platform Operations and Emerging Technologies
  • Meta-heuristics, Algorithms and Computational OR

Books/Book Chapters:

  • "BELL the CAT" in Managing India: The idea of IIMs and its changing contexts, Routledge, 2024 (Thakur, Manish, and R. Rajesh Babu, eds.)
  • "Management of mathematics or mathematics of management: Quantitative methods in management" in Management Education in India: Perspectives and Practices. Springer, 2016 (Thakur, Manish, and R. Rajesh Babu, eds.)