Our deepest potentials lie hidden in the world of our archetypal energies. The most evocative stories are metaphors of the inner adventure that the hero embarks upon to befriend the daivic energies and subdue the asuric. It is the discovery of the treasures that the inner dragon protects that the hero gains mastery over her gifts and treasures. The purana and the itihasa are not only powerful stories that evoke our desire to be heroes in our own eyes, they are also maps of the archetypal world. The Mahabharata Immersion invites you explore your inner world, navigate the landscape of your unconscious, engage with your inner deva and asura and unleash your heroic potential

Date: 14th -16th June, 2024
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: MDC, Classroom - M4

Registration Fee: 10,000/-

Dr. Raghu Ananthanarayanan

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Mr. Ajay Viswanath

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Mr. Kavinjay Babu

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About the program:

The MI is an invitation to an adventure into the world of archetype. The MI is conceptually organized to bring alive-:

  • The deep knowledge of the Purana and learn how to map one’s inner world
  • Learn the art of mastering one’s archetypal energies

With the aid of a masterfully curated set of powerful processes derived from a profound understanding of the Yoga Sutra, dance and theatre the MI becomes a learning laboratory that is

  • an invitation to experiment with oneself - delve into the depths of the invisible, the unarticulated and the disowned parts of oneself in an attitude of serious play
  • an enquiry into the practices of antaranga yoga
  • A learning theatre where one can discover and embody one’s deepest potentials

The MI is therefore a unique programme that will provide an opportunity to:

  • Gain mastery over archetypal energies
  • Discover and foster hidden heroic potential.
  • Introspect upon the relationship between outer expression and inner processes.
  • Develop a personal foundation of Role effectiveness, interpersonal ethics and intrapersonal discipline.
  • Discover one’s mission in life and commit to it.
Objectives of MI

The Mahabharata Immersion will:

  • create a space to access inner dynamics
  • provide a map through which one can navigate the innerspace/ archetypal energies
  • enable one to discover the “shantam” location within from which to access healing energies
  • empower one to take the key practices of antaranga yoga forward into life spaces
How is the MI structured?

The two main design components of the programme are-:


An Individual is simultaneously a member of multiple systems - organization, society, family and others. Each of these systems is a complex network of interdependent roles and processes with distinct values and norms. The diverse pulls and pressures of the systems and lack of integration and synergy in oneself result in diffused inner energies and consequently affects the expressions. The learning theatre is designed to focus on archetypal energies, enable a mastery over its dynamics and bring in a coherence between one’s inner power and outer expression. An exploration into one’s inner-process is enabled by bringing alive one’s inner drama and the archetypal figures that play out these psychodramas.


The participants will also work with actors from the Koothu tradition. Having explored the dynamics of heroism within, the participants will be introduced to the nuances of the myth. By working with the traditional masks, music, rhythm and dance the rasa of each hero is evoked and explored.
One wears the mask of the Heroes, and in playing out the archetypal drama, views oneself in the mirror of the emerging “here and now re-play” of the eternal motifs of life and of relationships with significant others.

For example, through an exploration of ‘Draupadi Vastraaharanam’ (the disrobing of Draupadi) a powerful field is created where the helpless rage of the victimized is contrasted with the blind greed of the oppressor and the lack of conviction in the legitimate protector. The individual who explores this archetypal drama with authenticity enters the universal motifs of human suffering. Such engagement with one's dukha is deeply insightful and healing. The stage is thus set for an honest introspection of one’s inner patterns of feeling and thought as well as one’s outer patterns of action.