The Business Ethics and Communication group is a uniquely positioned academic venture within a premier Indian management institute like IIMC. Both business ethics and communication have today found their space in management institutions drawing from their intellectual roots in disciplines like Indology, Aesthetics, Human Values, Philosophy, Political Theory, Literary Studies, Communication/Media Studies, Semiotics, Language Studies, English Language Teaching (ELT) and their corollaries. Notwithstanding such non-managerial origins, these specialisations have developed to find their location within a frame of management that has enabled them to offer relevant knowledge, a practical tool kit and skill-set that is now regarded as indispensable for modern management. A quick survey of most mission-vision statements of management and corporate institutions across the globe adds to the inevitability of these subjects as not just academic but equally important professional aids. While students learn to be sensitive to ethical issues specific to the domain of business; they also learn to translate a conceptual understanding of the role of communication in management into a requisite skill set in this area. While ethical perspectives in leadership and entrepreneurship become cardinal managerial enablers in research skill sets, exploring the complex relationship of communication to management and public policy is an equally significant objective, particularly for Indian researchers. As an institutional group, we are endowed with the responsibility of ingraining ethical values in every managerial perspective and knowledge base and articulating such values while employing managerial skills and expertise; and also, simultaneously, contribute towards developing new teaching-learning communication tools that help derive actionable meaning out of multiple layers of information and knowledge. Together, we aspire to contribute to management as intellectual endeavour and humanistic, social and cultural practice.

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