Welcome to the Finance & Control group at IIM Calcutta, where we are committed to both Accounting & Finance related teaching & research. The Finance & Control area of IIM Calcutta is known for its rigor and expansive coverage of cutting edge topics in accounting and finance. We strive to offer high quality practice oriented learning experience to our students. The department has varied teaching specializations and research interests to engage our students and prepare them well for professional careers in their desired areas of interest.

The Financial Research and Trading Laboratory (the Finance Lab) at IIM Calcutta, a state-of-the-art 50-seater lab undertakes cutting edge research on financial markets using real time high frequency data from financial markets of India and around the world. The Finance Lab uses simulators to simulate trading in financial markets using actual prices. The Finance Lab receives live data from Indian financial markets and also has one Bloomberg terminal. Several PGP and FP level courses are taught using resources in the Finance Lab.

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