The Operations Management group at IIMC is the hub of all research and teaching activities related to the design, planning, control and improvement of operations in manufacturing and service, private and public sectors. The group is known for its high quality teaching and research covering all levels of managerial decision-making, from systems design and technology choices to day-to-day scheduling and performance measurement. A sample of current research interests of IIMC Operations Management faculty includes supply chain management, revenue management, dynamic pricing, manufacturing excellence, operations strategy, capacity and production planning, control of processing networks, optimization, mathematical and statistical techniques and contracting and incentive mechanism design.

The Operations Management group brings together a variety of industrial experience and diverse academic disciplines. All the members of the group operate as a team through their teaching, joint research activities and social events! The group members actively interact with other disciplines including Marketing, Finance and Control, Information Systems, Economics and Organizational Behavior to offer elective courses, conduct multi-disciplinary study projects, training programmes and research work. Operations Management faculty has developed effective partnerships with many renowned local and international academic and industrial organizations.

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