Research and case study

The understanding of corporate governance requires a multidisciplinary approach and hence has immense scope for research . In order to capture this very nature of corporate governance , the Centre will carry out research projects in collaboration with national and international bodies. Besides this the Centre will also provide financial support to the researchers in the area of corporate governance.

The Centre will also develop case studies on various aspects of corporate governance which will create a deeper understanding of the subject.

Seminars and conferences

The Centre will hold national / international conferences to discuss various issues of  corporate  governance  . The Centre will also prepare background papers for discussion in the seminars. Besides this the Centre will organize lecture series in order to disseminate knowledge  in the area of corporate governance and to debate contemporary issues to provide inputs for formulation of policy by the government and regulators.

Recent activities:

Seminar titled “Wealth from Trust: Monetizing Corporate Governance” by Shri Kaushik Dutta (former member of the India Leadership Team at PwC, co-founder of Thought Arbitrage Research Institute, and member of the board at NDTV, HCL Infosystems, etc.) was organized on 26th February, 2018.

Seminar titled "Corporate Governance: does the western model suit the Indian corporate landscape?" by Shri Sandeep Parekh, former Executive Director at SEBI, was organized on 4th December, 2017

Training programme

The Centre will conduct training programmes to educate directors on various facets of corporate governance which will enable them to understand corporate governance structure and to contribute effectively to the board room discussion.