Past Events

Workshop On Developing Activity Guide for National Children’s Science Congress 2004 - 05

The CDEP recently hosted the preparatory meeting for developing an Activity Guide for the National Children's Science Congress 2004. The theme for this Congress will be WATER. A Brain Storming Session (BSS) was organised by the NCSTC-Network in collaboration with the Centre for Development and Environment Policy at IIMC from 8-11th May 2003. During the deliberations, about 50 experts from various fields all over the country are expected to provide brief idea on projects which are innovative, simple and practical and have definite outputs, arrived at through scientific methodology. The main objective of this whole exercise is to open up issue for exchange of innovative ideas amongst the professional minds, which can then facilitate the process of the evolution of a more interesting phase of educating and enlightening the younger minds of today’s generation. The result of this 4-day workshop is the draft Activity Guide, resulting from the discussions, which is then put up for further talks and for finalisation at the National Workshop. The National Council for Science and Technology Communication Network (NCSTC Network) has now scheduled a national workshop in Haridwar, Uttaranchal during 26-28 September 2003 for exposing science teachers from all over the country to this Activity Guide.

Training programme for officers from the Indian Forest Service (IFS) on Environmental Priorities and Sustainable Development

was conducted by CDEP during 17-21 February 2003. This training Programme for senior in-service IFS officers was sponsored by the Department of Personnel, Government of India and was aimed at exposing the senior forest officers to the emerging global environment priorities of this millenium. Henceforth different lectures were organised on important issues like forest biosphere, water resources, global climate change, land use land cover change, biodiversity impact assessment, environmental economics, criteria indicators of sustainable forest management, use of GIS Remote Sensing in forestry etc.

Training programme for officers from the Indian Forest Service (IFS) on Computer Application in Forestry

was conducted jointly by CDEP and Management Information System Group of IIMC during 17-21 February 2003. This training Programme for senior in-service IFS officers was sponsored by the Department of Personnel, Government of India and was aimed to abrest the IFS officers to emerging facets of Computer Technology and Applications in Forestry. It covered modules like Database Mgmt., Project Mgmt.Object Oriented Concepts, Information System Management, GIS/Remote Sensing, GPS etc.

Training Programme on Environmental Economics

Supported by the World Bank funded India: Environmental Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Programme, the CDEP has been organising a series of training programmes on Environmental Economics. This training programme is specially designed for the senior executives in the private sector industry in India. The fourth and the last in the series of Programmes was held from 27 to 31 January 2003.

Awareness Workshop on Global Environment Facility

The procedural steps for the submission of project proposal for support from the GEF is not very straightforward. In order to explain the procedure and to expose prospective organisations or institutions to submit project proposals to the GEF, this workshop was aimed at describing the institutional structure and the process of evaluation of projects for financial support by the GEF. It was held on 19-20 January 2001.

Symposium on Population, Life Support and Human Development in India

The symposium was centered on the issue of the carrying capacity of planet earth. This issue is especially relevant in India where population growth and levels of poverty have caused deep concern about the adequacy of resources, in terms of volume, distribution and quality. It was held on February 2001 was attended by many eminent scholars from all over India.

Policy Dialogue on Dams and Development

CDEP had organized one-day policy dialogue on Dams and Development on 02 July 2002, with support from India Water Partnership (Delhi) and IRMED (Delhi). The main objective of this exercise was to open up the issue for a more professional exchange, and thus, to extend some clarity in the process of the evolution of a more comprehensive criteria and guidelines for dams in India. The participants included senior representatives from Irrigation Water Resources Department, Govt. of India, Ground Water Board, Reputed Educational Institutes, NGOs etc.

The Third Biennial Conference of the INSEE on 18-20 December 2003

The Third Biennial Conference of the Indian Society for Ecological Economics (INSEE) will be held at CDEP, from 18-20 December 2003. The main theme of the Conference will be "Biodiversity and Quality of Life" There will be Plenary Sessions, Concurrent Technical Sessions and Panel Discussions on topics around the main theme.