Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-691 Decision making framework for investments in oil industry: December, 2011 Ashok Banerjee, Soubhik Chatterjee & Brij Bhushan Garg Soubhik Chatterjee
WPS-690 Scheduling India’s General Elections November, 2011 Bodhibrata Nag Bodhibrata Nag
WPS-689 Impact of information arrival on volatility of intraday stock returns November, 2011 Ashok Banerjee, Subhadeep Paul, Soham Hazra, Rahul Dalmia Ashok Banerjee
WPS-688 Realized Volatility and India VIX November, 2011 Ashok Banerjee, Ritesh Kumar Ashok Banerjee
WPS-687 Legal aspects of designing a "Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)" in India November, 2011 Brij Bhushan Garg , Soubhik Chatterjee & V.K. Unni Brij Bhushan Garg
WPS-686 Application of Graph Search and Genetic Algorithms for the Single Machine Scheduling Problem with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times and Quadratic Penalty Function of Completion Times November, 2011 Viswanathan Kodaganallur, Anup K. Sen, Subrata Mitra Subrata Mitra
WPS-685 Multinationals and Monopolies Pharmaceutical Industry in India after TRIPS November, 2011 Sudip Chaudhuri Sudip Chaudhuri
WPS-684 When, And How Salespersons Spend Time With Customers? November, 2011 Ramendra Singh Ramendra Singh
WPS-683 CSR Orientation of Indian Banks and Stakeholder Relationship Marketing Orientation: An Empirical Investigation October, 2011 Ramendra Singh
WPS-682 Queuing theory based Delay Analysis for Dual-homed UMTS Networks September, 2011 Debashis Saha