Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-910 Regulatory Changes in Commodity Futures Market, FPI Participation and Market Quality May, 2024 Vivek Rajvanshi, Gouri Sankar Sahoo, Avijit Bansal Vivek Rajvanshi
WPS-909 Addiction, Debt and Moral Hazard: Evidence from Alcohol Prohibition Policies in India May, 2024 Tanika Chakraborty, Priya Rachel David Tanika Chakraborty
WPS-908 Challenges in Value Creation with BoP Life Insurance Consumers: A Consumption Value Theory Perspective April, 2024 Ramendra Singh Ramendra Singh
WPS-907 Between worlds of liminal spaces: A narrative of new career struggles February, 2024 Vipin Kumar Chathayam, Saikat Chakraborty Vipin Kumar Chathayam
WPS-906 Life Insurance Buying Behavior among Low Income Rural Consumers in India December, 2023 Ramendra Singh, Shiv Tiwary, Anamika Sharma Ramendra Singh
WPS-905 Consumption Volatility and Shock: A Heterogeneity Analysis Using Panel of Indian Households October, 2023 Manisha Chakrabarty and Swathysree S S Manisha Chakrabarty
WPS-903 Tara at LifeAssurance: An Empathetic Experience October, 2023 Chetan Joshi and Komanduri Sanjana Chetan Joshi
WPS-902 Smart Healthcare Supply Chains: Past, Present, and Future July, 2023 Pratik Srivastava and Vishal Bansal Vishal Bansal
WPS-901 Does an exclusive relationship with government banks matter during climate shocks? July, 2023 Harish Kamal, Samit Paul and Avijit Bansal Harish Kamal
WPS-900 The Perils of Automation: Artificial Intelligence Through the Prism of Human Excellence July, 2023 Nisigandha Bhuyan and Arunima Chakraborty Nisigandha Bhuyan