Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-708 Public Policies of Tobacco Control: The Process of Evolution of a Social Contract August, 2012 Nisigandha Bhuyan Nisigandha Bhuyan
WPS-707 Buyer-Supplier Negotiations Following Reported Delivery Failure: A Conceptual Framework August, 2012 B. N. Srivastava, Chetan Joshi & Rahul Sett B. N. Srivastava
WPS-706 Corporate Governance Norms in State Owned Enterprises: Can Apples be used to assess Oranges? July, 2012 Manju Jaiswall & Nimruji Jammulamadaka Manju Jaiswall
WPS-705 Energy Utility Fuel Allocation Model for Non-Linear Revenue and Regulatory Tariff Implications July, 2012 Balram Avittathur Balram Avittathur
WPS-704 Exploring the relationship between Earnings Management and Corporate Governance characteristics in the Indian context July, 2012 Manju Jaiswall & Ashok Banerjee Manju Jaiswall
WPS-703 Are Family firms in India managing their Earnings - An exploratory study July, 2012 Manju Jaiswall & Ashok Banerjee Manju Jaiswall
WPS-702 A multi-criteria approach for railway project portfolio fund allocation July, 2012 Bodhibrata Nag & Jeetendra Singh Bodhibrata Nag
WPS-701 Dual-homing of RNCs in UMTS Networks July, 2012 Samir K Sadhukhan, Swarup Mandal & Debashis Saha Samir K Sadhukhan
WPS-700 Static vs. Dynamic Policies for Vehicle Routing Problems with Backhauling and Dynamically Arising Customer Demands May, 2012 Subrata Mitra Subrata Mitra
WPS-699 The US Railroads- their evolution, structure and operations May, 2012 Bodhibrata Nag Bodhibrata Nag