Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-803 Recent Trends in Macro-financial Policies: The Toolkit and Early Warnings December, 2017 Partha Ray & A. Vasudevan Partha Ray
WPS-802 India’s External Commercial Borrowing: Trends, Composition, and Determinants November, 2017 Partha Ray, Abhisek Sur & Amarendu Nandy Partha Ray
WPS-801 Appropriative Conflicts and the Evolution of Property Rights November, 2017 Bharat Goel & Arijit Sen Arijit Sen
WPS-800 Consumption and Purchase Patterns among Bottom of Pyramid Consumers: Propositions, and Implications for Public Policy September, 2017 Ramendra Singh Srabanti Mukherjee & Hari Govind Mishra Ramendra Singh
WPS-799 Two Crises Separated by Two Decades: Savings Glut and Trade Strategy in select East Asian Economies July, 2017 Partha Ray & Biswajit Nag Partha Ray
WPS-798 Impact of Stock Splits on Returns: Evidence from Indian Stock Market April, 2017 Binay Bhushan Chakrabarti, Debanga Sourav Gogoi, Md. Faiz & Yash Ramesh Rathod Binay Bhushan Chakrabarti
WPS-797 Implied Volatility and Predictability of GARCH Models March, 2017 Vivek Rajvanshi, Arijit Santra, & Saunak Basu Vivek Rajvanshi
WPS-796 Comparison of Black Scholes and Heston Models for Pricing Index Options March, 2017 Binay Bhushan Chakrabarti & Arijit Santra Binay Bhushan Chakrabarti
WPS-795 Extension to the Newsvendor Problem with an Exogenous and Stochastic End-of-Season Demand March, 2017 Subrata Mitra & Ashis K. Chatterjee Subrata Mitra
WPS-794 Effect of Employee’s Upward Influence Tactics on Managerial Decision Making March, 2017 Amit Dhiman Amit Dhiman