Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-809 A Study of Antecedents of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Employee Engagement: A Conceptual framework June, 2018 Amarpreet Singh Ghura & Abhishek Goel Abhishek Goel
WPS-808 The nature and extent of institutional voids: signals from retail penetration across distinct product categories in India June, 2018 Kumar Rakesh Ranjan Kumar Rakesh Ranjan
WPS-807 Digital Marketing Campaigns: An Evaluation using Forrester’s 5I framework May, 2018 Shalini Das & Ramendra Singh Ramendra Singh
WPS-806 ISMAC ECOSYSTEM: FROM VISION TO REALITY May, 2018 Pratik Tarafdar & Debashis Saha Pratik Tarafdar
WPS-805 A New Algorithm for Student-Optimal Matching: A Framework for Management Institution’s Admission in India March, 2018 Prabhat Ranjan & Sanjeet Singh Prabhat Ranjan
WPS-804 Determining the Optimal Release Time for Movies on Video-on-demand Websites January, 2018 Megha Sharma, Sumanta Basu, Soumyakanti Chakraborty Prof. Sumanta Basu