Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-844 Influence of fit and flexible human resources on IT project performance July, 2020 Avantika Tomar, Amit Dhiman Amit Dhiman
WPS-843 Ageing and Demographic Change in Japan: Economics, Politics and Culture June, 2020 Jaideep Sarkar, Madhuchanda Ghosh, Partha Ray, Biju Paul Abraham Biju Paul Abraham
WPS-842 Macroeconomic Foundation of Functioning of the IMF: An Evolutionary Journey June, 2020 Dilip Nachane, Partha Ray Partha Ray
WPS-841 Oil price and its impact on firms’ return volatility May, 2020 Vivek Rajvanshi Vivek Rajvanshi
WPS-840 Showrooms and B&M Stores: Omnichannel Strategies for Managing Customer Returns May, 2020 Prasenjit Mandal, Preetam Basu, Kushal Saha Preetam Basu
WPS-839 Evaluating consistency of batsmen in ODI cricket and ranking them by multiple criteria March, 2020 Sahadeb Sarkar, Subhasis Mishra and Sanjeev Kumar Sahadeb Sarkar
WPS-838 Financing Models in E-Commerce to Mitigate Disruptions: A Supply Chain Finance Perspective March, 2020 Preetam Basu, Prasenjit Mandal, Samit Paul and Sambit Brata Rath Preetam Basu
WPS-837 Earnings Management and Ownership dilution in Small and Medium Enterprises: Evidence from Indian IPOs March, 2020 Vivek Rajvanshi and Tayade Kalyani Sanjeev Vivek Rajvanshi
WPS-836 An Integrated VIKOR-TOPSIS-Regression based Methodology for Evaluating the Performance and Exploring the determinants of Primary and Secondary education: Evidence from India February, 2020 Arnab Adhikari, Samadrita Bhattacharya, Sumanta Basu & Rajesh Bhattacharya Sumanta Basu
WPS-835 Effects of Pharmaceutical Price Regulation: Evidence from India February, 2020 Saravana Jaikumar, Pradeep K. Chintagunta, Arvind Sahay Saravana Jaikumar