Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-872 Uncovering the secrets of small family businesses in a developing economy: the unsuspected role of social capital and household income interactions December, 2021 Saravana Jaikumar & Rashmi Kumari Saravana Jaikumar
WPS-871 Dignity and the Consumer-Entrepreneur Duality in Bottom-of-Pyramid Markets December, 2021 Sarthak Mohapatra, Prof. Ramendra Singh Prof. Ramendra Singh
WPS-870 Readability (and beyond) of Financial Disclosures and Earnings Management November, 2021 Samit Paul Samit Paul
WPS-869 Equilibrium and Stability of Alliances for Product Development Under Uncertainty November, 2021 Conan Mukherjee & Peeyush Mehta Peeyush Mehta
WPS-868 How do BoP firms shape markets? Market shaping in resource-constrained environments August, 2021 Ramendra Singh & Sandeep Rawat Ramendra Singh
WPS-867 Viewing Indian Smartphone Industry through the lens of SEP Litigation: An Analysis August, 2021 V.K. Unni V.K. Unni
WPS-866 Community, Ecology and Land in Tourism-led Urbanization: A perspective from Spiti Valley, India July, 2021 Surajit Chakravarty Surajit Chakravarty
WPS-865 Drivers of Sustainability, Sustainable Business Practices and their Impact on Firm Performance: An Exploratory Study of Indian Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises June, 2021 Subrata Mitra Subrata Mitra
WPS-864 House Price and Economic Activity in India: A Wavelet Analysis April, 2021 Swarup Kumar Pal, Anjana Saha & Partha Ray Partha Ray
WPS-863 Impact of Bulk Trades on Price Discovery in Equity Market April, 2021 Vivek Rajvanshi Vivek Rajvanshi