Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-866 Community, Ecology and Land in Tourism-led Urbanization: A perspective from Spiti Valley, India July, 2021 Surajit Chakravarty Surajit Chakravarty
WPS-865 Drivers of Sustainability, Sustainable Business Practices and their Impact on Firm Performance: An Exploratory Study of Indian Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises June, 2021 Subrata Mitra Subrata Mitra
WPS-864 House Price and Economic Activity in India: A Wavelet Analysis April, 2021 Swarup Kumar Pal, Anjana Saha & Partha Ray Partha Ray
WPS-863 Impact of Bulk Trades on Price Discovery in Equity Market April, 2021 Vivek Rajvanshi Vivek Rajvanshi
WPS-862 The Techno-Economics of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): An Exploration April, 2021 Debashis Saha & Partha Ray Debashis Saha
WPS-861 ‘Datafication’ of Existence: An Aristotlean Perspective on the Algorithmic Public Sphere April, 2021 Nisigandha Bhuyan & Arunima Chakraborty Nisigandha Bhuyan
WPS-860 Continuous and strategyproof mechanisms April, 2021 Ranojoy Basu & Conan Mukherjee Conan Mukherjee
WPS-859 Shapley value and extended efficiency April, 2021 Ranojoy Basu & Conan Mukherjee Conan Mukherjee
WPS-858 Competitive Dynamics between Traditional and Online Retailing under Customer Showrooming Behaviour and Strategies to Counter Showrooming March, 2021 Subrata Mitra Subrata Mitra
WPS-857 Cab Aggregator vs. Driver Partner: Conceptualising Labour Agency of digital platform workers in Mumbai, India February, 2021 Randhir Kumar, Mrinmoy Majumder, Manish Thakur Randhir Kumar