Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-880 Antecedents of R&D Intensity for Emerging Economy Firms: Evidence from India December, 2022 Kaushik Roy Kaushik Roy
WPS-879 Protecting employee personal data: Digital personal data protection bill 2022 December, 2022 Dharma Raju Bathini Dharma Raju Bathini
WPS-878 Dharmic Manager: Meanings and Means December, 2022 Rajiv Kumar, Dr Nisigandha Bhuyan Rajiv Kumar
WPS-877 Efficiency, Rationality, Rationalism: A Critical Examination of the Role and Place of the Empiricist Separation Thesis in Business Ethics October, 2022 Nisigandha Bhuyan, Arunima Chakraborty Nisigandha Bhuyan
WPS-876 An Unusual Acquisition Succeeding through Talent & Customer-Focus: A Theoretical Exploration May, 2022 Rajiv Kumar Rajiv Kumar
WPS-875 Strategyproof multidimensional mechanism design without unit demand April, 2022 Ranojoy Basu & Conan Mukherjee Conan Mukherjee
WPS-874 Microfoundations of Dynamic Capabilities: The Moderating Role of the Firm-level Structural Ecosystem March, 2022 Kaushik Roy Kaushik Roy
WPS-873 Relative price movements and inequality: A case of Rural India January, 2022 Swathysree, Manisha Chakrabarty & Debopriti Bhattacharya Manisha Chakrabarty