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Sourav Bhattacharya
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Academic Background: 
Northwestern University, Ph. D. (Managerial Economics and Strategy), 2007 Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, PGDM. (Economics & Finance), 1998 Presidency College, Kolkata B.Sc. (Economics), 1996
Courses Taught: 
Courses taught at IIM Calcutta: Microeconomics (MBA), Games and Information (MBA), Advanced Microeconomics (PhD), Mathematics for Economists (PhD), Topics in Game Theory (PhD), Nonmarket Strategy (MBA Ex) Courses taught at Royal Holloway: Industrial conomics (Masters), Mathematical Methods (undergraduate), Principles of Microeconomics (Undergraduate) Courses taught at University of Pittsburgh: Intermediate Microeconomics (undergraduate), Political Economy (Undergraduate), Political Economy (PhD), , Advanced Microeconomic Theory (PhD) Courses taught at Northwestern University: Probability and Statistics (Undergraduate)


Work Experience: 
Academic Appointments Sep 2019 onwards: Professor, Economics Group, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Aug 2015 – Aug 2019: Reader in Economics, Royal Holloway University of London Aug 2007 – Aug 2015: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Short Visits: Wallis Institute of Political Economy, University of Rochester (Sep – Dec 2012), Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata (Apr – Aug 2016), Presidency University (Jul – Aug 2017), Jadavpur University (Apr – Jun 2017, Apr – Aug 2018) Non-academic Experience: Senior Manager Corporate Marketing, Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd, 1998-2002


Journal Publications: 
1. Preference Monotonicity and Information Aggregation in Elections, Econometrica, Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2013 Vol 81 (3) 2. Strategic Information Revelation when Experts Compete to Influence, with Arijit Mukherjee, RAND Journal of Economics, Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2013 Vol 44 (3) 3. How Much to Make and How Much to Buy: Explaining Plural Sourcing Strategies, with Ranjay Gulati and Phanish Puranam, Strategic Management Journal, Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2013 Vol 34 (10) 4. Compulsory Versus Voluntary Voting Mechanisms: An Experimental Study, with John Duffy and Sun-Tak Kim, Games and Economic Behavior, Elsevier, 2014 Vol 84 5. Resistance, Redistribution and Investor-friendliness, with Tapas Kundu, Journal of Development Economics, Elsevier, 2014 Vol 109 6. Mobility and Conflict, with Tapas Kundu and Joyee Deb, AEJ Microeconomics, American Economic Association, 2015 Vol 7 (1) 7. Campaign Rhetoric and the Hide-and- Seek Game, Social Choice and Welfare, Springer, 2016 Vol 47 (3) 8. Voting with Endogenous Information Acquisition: Experimental Evidence, with John Duffy and SunTak Kim, Games and Economic Behavior, Elsevier, 2017 Vol 102 9. On the Optimality of Diverse Expert Panels in Persuasion Games, with Arijit Mukherjee and Maria Goltsman, Games and Economic Behavior, Elsevier, 2018 Vol 107 10. Intellectual Property Regimes and Wage Inequality, with Pavel Chakraborty and Chirantan Chatterjee, Journal of Development Economics, Elsevier, 2022 Vol 154 11. Full Information Equivalence in Large Elections, with Paulo Barelli and Lucas Siga, Accepted at Econometrica
Econometric Society Summer Meeting, Minneapolis, Jun 2006; Midwest Political Science Conference, Chicago, Apr 2006; Social Choice and Welfare Society, Montreal, Jun 2008; Game Theory Society, Evanston, Jul 2008; Public Choice Society, Las Vegas, Mar 2009; Econometric Society Summer Meeting, Boston, Jun 2009; International Conference of Game Theory, Stony Brook, Jul 2009; Public Economic Theory Conference, Bloomington, Jun 2011; HKU-UBC Summer Theory Conference, Jul 2013; CIREQ Montreal Economic Theory Conference, Oct 2013; Columbia University Political Economy Conference, Dec 2013; Econometric Society Summer meeting, Minneapolis, Jun 2014; European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Toulouse, Aug 2014; Growth and Development Conference ISI Delhi, Dec 2016, Dec 2017; Development Economics Conference, Jadavpur U, Kolkata, Dec 2016; Political Economy Conference, King’s College, London, Sep 2018; Game Theory Conference, Lancaster U, Nov 2018, UKIERI Conference, Dibrugarh U, Sep 2019 Invited Seminars U of Southern California, Jan 2007; Sabanci U, Jan 2007; U of Rochester, Mar 2008; CIDE, Mexico City, Oct 2008; Concordia U, Nov 2008; Michigan State U, Nov 2008 & Oct 2013; U of Oslo, Aug 2009 and Sep 2013; U de Montreal, Aug 2011; UC Riverside, Jun 2012; U of Rochester, Nov 2012; U of Kentucky, Nov 2013; ITAM, December 2013; Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi, Aug 2014; Singapore Management U, Sep 2014; Hong Kong U of Science & Technology, Sep 2014; U of Arizona, Oct 2014; Arizona State U, Nov 2014; U of Leicester, Nov 2014; U of Bristol, Nov 2014; Royal Holloway, Nov 2014 and Feb 2015; CERGE-EI, Feb 2015; Yale U, Mar 2015; NYU Abu Dhabi, Mar 2015; Indiana U (Kelly School), Apr 2015; Exeter U, Feb 2016; U of Surrey, Mar 2016; Paris School of Economics, Apr 2016, U of Calcutta, Jul 2016 and Jul 2018, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata, Aug 2016; Delhi U, Aug 2016; Flame U, India, Aug 2016; Queen’s U Belfast, Nov 2016; Bocconi U, Nov 2016; EUI Florence, Nov 2016; London School of Economics, May 2017; IIM Calcutta, Aug 2017; National U of Singapore, Aug 2017; Lancaster U, Feb 2018, Ashoka U, India, Apr 2018; Indian School of Business, Aug 2018; IIM Ahmedabad, Aug 2018
Research Interests: 
Political Economy, Economic Theory