Call For Articles

a₹tha: Call for Articles for December 2022 issue

I invite you to contribute your article for the next issue (December 2022) to a₹tha (pronounced as Artha).

a₹tha is an open-source peer reviewed e-journal published by the Financial Research and Trading Laboratory (FRTL), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC). a₹tha publishes peer-reviewed articles written by IIMC faculty, alumni, and students, as well as invited experts and academics from India and around the world. We email new issues of a₹tha to IIMC faculty, alumni, students, staff, and several other recipients. The previous issue (August 2022) reached over 16,000 individuals. We also promote articles on social media. You can access a₹tha at

Articles can be on topics in corporate governance (for example, ownership, board of directors, top executives and their compensation.), accounting (such as financial reporting, cost accounting, auditing, and income taxes), finance (for example, corporate finance, financial economics, financial markets, investments, and financial risk management), and financial regulation (such as securities, investments, financial contracts, intellectual property, and corporate law) relevant to India. Articles can also discuss an interesting issue or contribute to contemporary thoughts/debates on banking, financial services, insurance, fintech, financial markets, investments, private equity, and venture capital.

Articles should be solo-authored. The length of an article should be between 2,500 and 3,500 words. It must conform to the guide for authors (appended below). Kindly submit your article for the December 2022 issue to by October 10, 2022. When submitting an article, please also share your short bio and contact number. IIMC alumni and current students should include the program's name, batch, and the year of completion in their short bio in the article. All articles would be checked for plagiarism, peer-reviewed, and edited. We expect to notify the selection by November 15 and release the issue by December 31.

Your contributions, suggestions, and queries are welcome.

Thanks and regards,

Sudhir S. Jaiswall
Chief Editor - a₹tha