Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-775 Snapdeal: A Strategic Dilemma! December, 2015 Ramendra Singh Ramendra Singh
WPS-774 Livelihoods, Sustainability and Capitalism: an Impossible Combination? A Critique of the Sustainable Livelihoods Approach November, 2015 Runa Sarkar & Anup Sinha Anup Sinha
WPS-773 Sustainable Development and the Concept of a Good Life November, 2015 Anup Sinha
WPS-772 From Management Institutes to Business Schools – An Indian Journey November, 2015 Anup Sinha
WPS-771 Do Monetary Policy Announcements in India have any impact on the domestic Stock Market? October, 2015 A Edwin Prabu Indranil Bhattacharyya & Partha Ray A Edwin Prabu
WPS-770 Skippable Video Ads: The Impact of Ad Avoidance Technologies on Online Two- Sided Platforms October, 2015 Soumyakanti Chakraborty Sumanta Basu & Megha Sharma Sumanta Basu
WPS-769 An Experimentation with Simulating Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6) in NS-3 to handle User Mobility October, 2015 Manoj Kumar Rana Swarup Mandal Bhaskar Sardar & Debashis Saha Debashis Saha
WPS-768 Coordinating Contracts for a Closed Loop Supply Chain under Different Recollection Strategies August, 2015 Indranil Biswas, Arnab Adhikari, Preetam Basu & Arqum Mateen Preetam Basu
WPS-767 Channel coordination using Option Contract under simultaneous price and inventory competition July, 2015 Indranil Biswas & Balram Avittathur Indranil Biswas
WPS-766 Managing Supply-side Disruption Risks through Dual Sourcing July, 2015 Preetam Basu & Soumita Ghosh Preetam Basu