Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-790 On the Fairness of Groce{Katz's Protocol for Rational Players November, 2016 Arpita Maitra & Asim K. Pal Asim K. Pal
WPS-789 Data Analytics in Quantum Paradigm – An Introduction November, 2016 Arpita Maitra, Subhamoy Maitra & Asim K. Pal Asim K. Pal
WPS-788 International posturing amidst domestic neglect? Examining contradictions in India’s Domestic and International agricultural policies October, 2016 Priyanshu Gupta & R. Rajesh Babu Priyanshu Gupta
WPS-787 Improving DEA efficiency under constant sum of inputs/outputs and Common weights September, 2016 Sanjeet Singh & Surya Sarathi Majumdar Sanjeet Singh
WPS-786 Relationship Marketing in Sport: An Exploratory Study in the UK Context August, 2016 Suren Sista Suren Sista
WPS-785 Efficiency of Indian ADRs and their underlying stocks: An Adaptive Market Perspective from Nonlinear Models July, 2016 Vinodh Madhavan & Partha Ray Partha Ray
WPS-784 Measuring Batting Consistency and Comparing Batting Greats in Test Cricket: Innovative Applications of Statistical Tools July, 2016 Sahadeb Sarkar & Anirban Banerjee Sahadeb Sarkar
WPS-780 Business History: Travails and Trajectories May, 2016 Rajesh Bhattacharya Rajesh Bhattacharya
WPS-779 ‘So That All May See’: An Interrogation of Knowledge Generation in the Post-colony April, 2016 Biswatosh Saha & Nimruji Jammulamadaka Biswatosh Saha
WPS-778 Teaching Economics in a Management School: Some Personal Quandaries April, 2016 Partha Ray Partha Ray