Working Papers

Working Paper Number Title Publication Date Authors Corresponding Author
WPS-738 Managing Quality of Experience in 3G cellular network using priority queue November, 2013 Samir K Sadhukhan, Chayanika Bose, Swarup Mandal & Debashis Saha Samir K Sadhukhan
WPS-737 Pattern of International Trade through West Bengal: Some Evidence from Port-Level Data November, 2013 Parthapratim Pal Parthapratim Pal
WPS-736 Heuristic for efficiency ranking with fuzzy data November, 2013 Sanjeet Singh & Surya Sarathi Majumdar Sanjeet Singh
WPS-735 Preprocessing Schemes for Tabu search on Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem October, 2013 Sumanta Basu & Megha Sharma Sumanta Basu
WPS-734 Metaheuristic Applications on Discrete Facility Location Problems: A Survey October, 2013 Sumanta Basu, Megha Sharma & Partha Sarathi Ghosh Sumanta Basu
WPS-733 A graph-based scheme for Brand Promotion in Social Media Platforms using Influencer nodes October, 2013 Divya Sharma, Debashis Saha & Parthasarathi Dasgupta Parthasarathi Dasgupta
WPS-732 Jugaad as Frugal Innovation in Street Entrepreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyram August, 2013 Ramendra Singh & Vaibhav Gupta Ramendra Singh
WPS-731 Drum-Buffer-Rope (DBR) a Competitive Strategy to Solve Problems of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) – A Case Study June, 2013 Nishant Kumar Verma & Dileep More Nishant Kumar Verma
WPS-730 Joint replenishment of multi retailer with variable replenishment cycle under VMI June, 2013 Nishant Kumar Verma, Abhishek Chakraborty & Ashis K. Chatterjee Nishant Kumar Verma
WPS-729 Corporate Social Responsibility for Social Impact: Approach to Measure Social Impact using CSR Impact Index June, 2013 Ramendra Singh & Sharad Agarwal Ramendra Singh