IIM Calcutta is a premier global management institute that uses cases in several of its courses for postgraduate students and participants in management development programs. Students at our institute are extremely responsive when it comes to case participation and the student community frequently makes it known that cases are indeed an effective tool to learn and apply theoretical concepts to practice.

The distinctive nature of Indian companies, their strategies and managerial styles, are becoming important not only to future managers of Indian companies but also to managers world-wide who are interested in seeking expansion opportunities in India. There are few institutions that specialize in Indian business cases. The Harvard Business School and the Richard Ivey School of Business are two of the largest producers of case studies in the world. In Asia, The Asia Case Research Center at the University of Hong Kong is the largest producer of Asian business cases. While cases related to Indian businesses are published by all of the above centers, they are not a major focus.

IIMC has close ties with the Indian business community and enjoys an inherent advantage in developing cases in the Indian context as well as that of other emerging markets. Over the last few years IIMC has developed a strong team of over twenty-five faculty members who have been exposed to case teaching, writing and research through recruitment of young faculty from case teaching oriented institutions, and by exposing faculty members to the Colloquium on Participant Centered Learning at the Harvard Business School.

About Case Research Centre: Prof. Ashok Banerjee

Objectives and Support offered by IIM Calcutta Case Research Centre (IIMCCRC) : Prof. Dharma Raju Bathini

We believe that with the growing importance of India in the global economy there will be an increasing demand for India focused cases among academicians and practitioners around the world. Our Case Research Centre is set to meet those demands. We have a team of accomplished faculty members who are excellent teachers, effective consultants, and prolific publishers. We have the human resources to oversee, direct, and take part in developing world-class case studies that will be sought after by business schools around the world.