One of our major focus areas is spreading awareness on case teaching and writing practices. Towards that end, we organize the IIMCCRC Case Method Workshop every year.

Our last workshop was organized in February 2014. The objective of this workshop was to emphasize the value of the case method in the learning process. The target audience included practitioners with an interest in using case studies as a teaching tool, as well as those interested in research and development of such teaching cases. The workshop was well attended by faculty from different business schools and other academic institutions from all over India, as well as many research scholars. There was also a smattering of interested parties from the corporate world.

The workshop started on Feb 13 with an opening address by Prof. Indranil Bose, faculty coordinator of the IIMCCRC. Prof Bose spent a few minutes welcoming all participants and guests, and talking about the mission of the IIMCCRC. The key speaker for Day 1 was Dr. Phillip C. Zerrillo, Director of the Case Writing Initiative at Singapore Management University (SMU) and an expert on the Case Method. Throughout his highly interactive session, Dr. Z, as he is popularly known, kept the audience enthralled with his insights into the teaching and writing of cases.

Day 2 started with Ms. Havovi Joshi, Head of Communications and Dissemination for the Centre for Management Practice at SMU, taking the audience through an interactive journey with her as she spoke about her experiences as a case writer. Following Ms. Joshi, Ms. Pooja Sharma, Director India of Ivey Business School, spoke about Ivey’s rich tradition with the case method, and opportunities for case writers to collaborate. Mr. Vinay Hebbar, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, of Harvard Business School Publishing spoke about HBSP, its offerings, and opportunities for institutional collaboration to round off the morning session.

After lunch, there were three brief presentations on recent cases that have been developed through the IIMCCRC. Prof. Manju Jaiswall of IIMC, supported by Prof. Ashok Banerjee, presented her experience of developing a case study on Aravind Eyecare. Then, Ms. Sumita Ghosh, Fellow at Observer Research Foundation, spoke about writing a case study on the Kolkata Police Force’s management of the mega festival of Durga Puja. Finally, Ashish Kr. Jha, doctoral candidate at IIMC, spent a few minutes on a recent case based on Microsoft IT India’s journey in business model transformation. The workshop concluded with Prof. Ashok Banerjee, the Dean of New Initiatives and External Relations at IIMC, and Prof. Indranil Bose presenting tokens of appreciation to the speakers. They also thanked the audience for their participation, solicited feedback on how to make future editions of the workshop better, and welcomed collaborations with the IIMCCRC.

Our next case method workshop is tentatively scheduled for November 2014, please check our website for the formal announcement.

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